I love Bruce from Sew Batik fabrics…

At Quilt Guild tonight, Bruce from SewBatik gave the presentation on how batik fabric is made, how to tell the real stuff from the fake and then he sold fabrics at 15% off. I went through the line, drooled, picked some fabric bundles up, thought about the challenge and put them back. So I get to the cash register with nothing in hand. Bruce asks where my purchase is as someone trips on the extension cord and unplugs the cash register (he came to the Guild meeting and the only desk for the register was nowhere near the plug). I plug it back in and park myself on the cord so no one else will trip on it. I tell Bruce that I was really tempted but I’m part of an abstinance challenge and can’t purchase anything new until January.
I catch the arm of another woman who almost trips on the cord I’m still standing on so this time the cord didn’t come unplugged. Bruce asks if I can stand there a bit longer. So I stand there and watch what everyone else buys and give my opinion on a few more and we get to where there are only 4 people in the line. Bruce asks them if they can all avoid the cord and when they agree, he tells me to pick a fabric bundle since after all, if I don’t pay for it, it couldn’t count against my challenge, right?
I thanked him profusely and picked up a bundle of the black and white batik fat quarters.

So if you need fabric for finishing – – There is cool stuff at www.sewbatik.com

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  1. Anonymous

     /  May 28, 2009

    Bruce is one of those golden men who know exactly what to say and do to make the whole room feel comfortable. I feel fortunate to have crossed his path. And I get to cross paths with him at almost every quilt show I go to. (I am also a fabric vendor).

    Fun to hear your story…


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