>I’m not cut out to be a trophy wife….

>At least not until I have more money in the bank…

DH’s new employer brought him to San Diego for a conference to kick off his employment and motivate him. So he’s been in conference’s all day and I have been entertaining myself. The first part of the day is easy – job hunting. I’ve had some great phone interviews and found some new postings, sent out some resumes and followed up on other items in the pipeline.
It’s the 2nd half of the day that’s killing me. I’ve done a ton of stitching as long as the light was there. I finished my fiction books – I could read the non-fiction but it’s so much nicer to just look out the window at the ocean. I did go out to Seaport Village and look around the shops and just couldn’t justify paying those prices. I walked over to the mall but after listening to some women arguing about shoes, I just couldn’t bring myself to walk into the stores.
I did get a picture of myself out at the Embarcadero working on Enchanted Swans. I finished 2 and 1/2 rows of the Just Nan sampler on Wednesday. I’ll admit to playing a lot of Facebook games and surfing quite a bit. That’s how I stumbled across some of the jobs I’ve applied for in the mornings. I just can’t imagine doing this on a regular basis day in and out.
True, I could use my Hogle Zoo pass and go up to Balboa Park and go to the zoo or wander around the museums. So, how weird is this? I had absolutely no fear wandering around Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or Buenos Aires on my own a few springs ago but getting on a bus for 30 minutes to go to the museum and zoo is terrifying to me right now. The subway and trains in Paris held less fear for me and my French is a lot worse than my English. I could always get the Monster Truck out of valet parking (too big for the self-park lot) and drive there but I hate driving it around the streets at home let alone trying to drive in unfamiliar territory.
So, if I’m going to become a trophy wife, I need either enough money to take cabs to visit the sites, or get over my fear of public transport in American cities. I think I’ll go with more money.

>Wow, it’s been awhile…

>I’ll admit I started a LiveJournal account (at least I think it was LiveJournal) because blogspot was being stupid with pictures, and then I forgot where it was so I didn’t finish the information about how to finish the quilt….

I felt so guilty about not finishing that post, that I stopped blogging altogether. There’s been a lot happen in the last several months and I need to go back to talking about it on a typed page. If I could remember where I put the other account, then I would go there and finish it, in the meantime, I’ll be here…