Thoughts on Voyeur…

The other night DH and I watched the Netflix documentary Voyeur about the publication of the Voyeur Hotel book.  The thing that really struck me was how shocked the Voyeur was about people hating what he did.  The author reminded the Voyeur that he came to the author to tell his story and be a pioneer, a hero, someone who was brave enough to fight the social norms.  As I watched it, it hit me.  This guy thought everyone secretly wanted to spy on people having sex but weren’t as smart as he was since he did it.  He thought people would admire his willingness to act on the desire he knew they all had.  It never occured to him that other people found his desires repulsive, he saw his desires as normal.

Usually when I write a blog, I have a point in mind when I start.  I think in this case, it’s trying to purge an image from my head. I remember watching Voyeur and seeing an expression.  Just a flash where it hits him, what I did may not be everyone’s secret desire.  Many time in coaching, we help others see that they aren’t alone, there are others who feel what you do.  In this case, it’s the opposite. What you are feeling is not what everyone else is feeling. 


Hubby cooking at Masonic temple

 Need suggestions for jeans

My favorite pair of jeans lost the button today.

The bad part is all my other jeans are designed for 4 inch or more heels and I’m not wearing heels on the first day of ComicCon.

And it turns out Jag has dropped everything but the elastic band jeans.  So I need suggestions for new jeans, what do you like?

Something to meditate on

Let us choose to engrave our traumatic life experiences on our hearts and use them as reference points to better understand what others are experiencing. In so doing, there is finally, and I mean finally, purpose in our suffering, joy in our journey as walls come down and cooperation floods out, and ultimately, much needed healing in our soul.
The Observer’s Chair
Dave Blanchard

Help!  I’m losing my geekiness…

Question posted on Facebook:

I have been playing video games since the late 70’s and a month ago I threw my Xbox 360 away. I’m not interested in watching Star Trek like I use too. I’m not sure what to do if anything. Does anyone else feel like they’re losing their geekiness? 

My Answer:

​Have you been listening to people who say “it’s good you’re finally growing out of that phase?”  

Resist them. It may simply be that you need a new fandom.  I’ll confess that I like a lot of fandoms but I would never win a trivia contest in any of them.  Sometimes we have to “do adulting” which limits our free time, it doesn’t make us any less geeky.  It’s just a matter of taking care of life and new priorities.

Look around you right now.  Who are the top 5 people you hang out with?  Are any of them geeky?  If not, did you outgrow your geeky friends? What are the things those 5 like to do?  Have those things become your new interests? Do you like the new you that hanging with these people is creating?  I phrase it this way because we tend to act like the top 5 people we spend the most time with.  If none of your top 5 has a geekdom, well that may be a contributing factor. 

Another thought, if you aren’t playing video games or watching Star Trek – what are you doing? Does it make you happy? Is it productive? If it’s making you a better person, then it may be that the geekiness is just on hiatus until you accomplish this growth spurt.  If it isn’t making you happy, then why are you doing it? 

I don’t have any real answers for you, only questions to ask yourself.  But if you answer these and still don’t have any clues to where the geekiness went, either PM me on facebook or leave a comment here and we’ll continue the conversation.  If they do help, well then Live Long and Prosper.

A month of Being

What would a month of just being look like to you?
Just so you know, several things have converged and given me some ideas which are crystallizing.  I started a Year to Clear and have been following the facebook group, someone mentioned that since they started clearing and just focusing on being good things have been happening such as finding a flat in their price range in a seaside town where they always dreamed of living.  

Another thing is that Paul Blanchard offered an incredible deal on the Og Mandino group Power coaching sessions which I signed up for and I re-read Greatest Salesman and Greatest Miracle again. 

I volunteered at DevOps days and gave a workshop on the power of using Kanban with WIP limits to accomplish projects and I finally read The Phoenix Project. Like others on the DevOps board, it rocked my world and the paradigm has shifted.

Through the ComicCon Fitness Challenge, I met Dr. Sarah and was introduced to Geek Parenting Podcast. 

If you don’t see the relation of these items, it’s okay.  I see it, but it’s brought me to a realization.  I need to take a month and just BE.  No grand plans, no actions, no anticipation.  I need to evaluate and focus on the state of me and learn to BE. To focus on the moment. To reflect and not act. 



My son is in the back, this was the day he found 11 previously unknown civil war era graves.

Great time meeting people tonight

This is Liberty Park in Salt Lake City at 10 pm on a Saturday night.  We’re all playing Pokémon Go.  I’m not in the target demographic for this game.  However, I downloaded it since my kids were having some much fun.  My favorite things are the people I’m meeting and the pictures I’m getting.  

Doesn’t this look like the Growlith is a family pet?

This guy was just checking his email but we had a great talk about the game and how it’s bringing people together.

Seth created a Facebook group for PokémonGo and set up a meetup tonight at City Creek. There was a herd of Ponyta.

This was just a fun shot which I posted on Instagram with the caption “none shall pass.”

This is my favorite photos so far! Makes one wonder what is on the other side of the fence which is so incredibly interesting that they ignore the Ratata.

Play safe though people and remember the only colors that matter are Red (Valor), Blue (Mystic) and Yellow (Instinct).

Stitch May-nia results as of May 22

There is still one week of my May-nia left for this year but This is what I’ve accomplished: AutumnQueen2016
Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen 4.5 hours close to 1000 stitches
Overdyed Dragon
OverDyed Dragon by Dragon Dreams 2.75 hours
Dr. Who Quilt 1.5 hours
Fruit Bellpull by Theresa Wentzler 1.5 hours
Something Wicked by La-D-Da
Fortunate Traveller by Theresa Wenztler 1.25 hours stitching 1 hour sorting pattern
Reflections of TidePools by Ro Pace – 2 hours
Fall Carousel
Fall Carousel Horse by Theresa Wentzler 1 hour
Not pictured
Anniversary Roses by Lauren Sauer
Bucilla Purse Kit from 1943
Final picture –
Mardi Gras Quilt I’m working on…20160522_194808

For more information on my new stitching process – check out my new blog – Agile Crafter


The Stitch Maynia starting status pictures


Here is Autumn Queen as I start her for Stitch May-nia. Last worked on in July 2015.

Autumn Queen by Mirabilia is first on the schedule.  She is on scroll bars which makes her look headless.  She last got love in July 2015.


Overdyed Dragon from Dragon Dreams is my first try at blackwork and yeah, it probably would be more enjoyable if I remember what I learned in the class.  He last saw love Sept 2015.


The Dr. Who quilt from Fandom in Stitches got a few new signatures to be stitched in at FanX earler this year.  But then I’m also still working on the Barrowman signature from last fall’s ComicCon.

In this space should be Anniversary Roses but it is a class piece from EGA and we were asked not to post pictures on the internet.


Fruit Bellpull is the Teresa Wentzler piece which is closest to being completed. 


Fortunate Traveller is also a Teresa Wenztler pattern and last saw a needle in March 2004.


Memories of TidePools is a class from Ro Pace.  This is at 41% completed and fun to work on. It’s last turn in the rotation was May 2015


Fall Carousel Horse by Teresa Wenztler is stitched on 40 count linen with one strand of Anchor floss.  Last worked on November 2015.


This Bucilla purse kit was left behind in my grandmother’s sewing room when she passed.  I’m they only grandchild that knows how to needlepoint so I got it.  I finished the front of the purse, I’m working on the bridge between front and back and then I’ll figure out how to create a back since the original has been lost over the years.  The kit was purchased in 1943 for $3 and included the purse lining and hardware.


Fire Wing Designs Sentinal didn’t get very far when I started him in January 2013.   I’m thinking that if I take him off the scroll bars and work on a q-snap or frame, I’ll have a scroll bar to use for Summer Queen by Mirabilia.


Dragon Ride by Teresa Wenzter is being done borderless with “Dette’s Tail.” I have the fabric for finishing it into a pillow.  I last stitched on in in January 2004.  I’m hoping I didn’t stop because of frogging because if it was, I don’t remember where it is.   I planned this for a weekend so I could have time to figure out where I am and re-start.


Stitcher’s Paradise by Marie Barber published as a serial pattern in Just CrossStitch.  Last worked on January 2012.


This is my oldest WIP and it has a companion piece which is just as old.  I bought them when I was in junior high.  There were 3 in the set and I finished the first while I was in college but never finished the other two. 


Spring Carousel Horse by Teresa Wentzler – Last worked on May 2015.  You would think after putting in a full year on them, I would be closer to done.


Summer Carousel Horse by Teresa Wentzler.  This is my favorite of the group and last saw a needle in August of 2015. 


Here is Mirabilia’s Summer Queen all kitted up with silk/linen and the color conversion to make her more green than teal.


Something Wicked by La-D-Da.  This is a companion piece to The Raven that I finished last year.  If I get Overdyed Dragon finished, I get to work on this as a replacement small piece.

And this is where Stitch May-nia starts.  I’ve already put in an hour on Autumn Queen and still have 2 days to work on her.