Just some data

So for my Data Geek Stitching Friends: Data collection period 2016 to 2020

Projects Completed:

  • 4 Large
  • 10 Medium
  • 28 Small

Stitches Completed in completed projects
431,237 stitches

Project Duration:

  • Large avg 6.5 years
  • Med avg 4.84 years
  • Small avg 44 days

The longest I spent on a completed project in the time period was 20 years on Fruit Bell Pull, followed by 18 years on Dragon Ride. In keeping with that statistic, the 4 oldest pieces on my backlog right now are all by Teresa Wentzler. Just a note, the longest it took to complete a small is 348 days so smalls older than a year usually don’t get finished. So in theory, to change my habits and finish large projects, I need to not start so many smalls.

I do have 3 embroidery projects that are still around that I started in high school and college but I haven’t put them in the current rotation.  Frankly, there are a couple pieces that I haven’t even taken pictures of for the start albums in my stitching groups.  I’ve realized that more than 1 TW in rotation at a time is more than I can handle. 

I did pull out 2 of my older non confetti pieces to work on getting finished this year. The shortest time I’ve taken to finish a large piece is 41 days. So I should in theory be able to finish at least 2 or 3 large pieces this year.  I do have a lot of medium pieces that are close to being finished. Let’s see if this year, I can complete more large and medium pieces than smalls.