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7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Publish a book
Do a speaking tour
Finish 6 of the Mira Queens
Visit Africa and Asia
Get a Masters or Doctorate
Have a girlfriend’s weekend with my 10 sisters by another mother
Ride the Carousel in Carson County, Colorado

7 Things I can do:
Read Fast
Remember more than I want
Mask and paint a room
Hit the bullseye with a rifle and pistol at various distances
Design stitched Christmas ornaments
Learn quickly
Speak in public

7 Things I cannot do:
Deny my faith in God
Fail to defend my friends when they are attacked.
Write my name in the snow with fresh urine.
Have a normal reaction to anesthesia
Associate with whiny, complaining people
Accept negativity into my life

7 Things that attract me to another person:
Decent language
Positive attitude
A smile
An appreciation of the ridiculous
A core of beliefs to which they are faithful – their beliefs don’t have to coincide with mine, they just have to stand by them.

7 Celebrity crushes:
Sean Connery
Kirk Douglas
Johnny Depp
Cary Grant
Humphrey Bogart
(yes, I’m a fan of old movies.)
And my teenage crush was John Schneider

7 Things I say the most:
Just so you know…
Didn’t we cover this before?
Is your homework done?
Have you practiced?
This is Stasha, how may I help you?
And which priority is less important today?

7 Bloggers I will tag:

And 2 non bloggers by email….

Unrequited expectations

Today at the end of the Liz Hale show, Enid Greene made the comment that much of the stress in our lives is due to the pace of today’s living. I have to respectfully disagree with the honored chairwoman. The pace of today’s living is a symptom of the problem. The true problem is a false expectation of guaranteed happiness.

The Declaration of Independence states that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Please note that we are entitled to pursue happiness we are not given the right to happiness. An LDS scripture states that “Men are that they might have joy.” 2 Nephi 2: 25 Again this is not happiness. Happiness and joy have two separate scriptural meanings. A comparison of the words in context shows that happiness is a transitory state and joy is a fulfillment of the Savior’s promises of life eternal. The second of the Noble Truths of the Buddha is that Sorrow is a result of ignorance or desire.
Most of the greatest generation knew that they would not experience a life of happiness. They did not rely on outside forces to pleasure them. They knew that life was work and that happiness was fleeting. So when did we start thinking that we are entitled to happiness. Was it in the feminist movement which told us that women could have it all? I do hope we’ve learned that they neglected to tell us that “having all we want” meant that something ends up being sacrificed. Was it the 60’s mentality that told us to “turn on, tune in and drop out?” (Funny, how that was done by college students with rich parents to bail them out). Was it the 70’s where we were told to live for “ME”? I still contend that the ME mentality led to the 80’s greed where in order to have what I want; someone has to pay for it and I don’t want to work and save for it.
That brings us to an entire generation today that is being raised as selfish brats (with some exceptions). Their parents are doing it in the guise of helping the children but it doesn’t help a child to give them everything they want and not teaching them the value of work. It doesn’t help our children to prevent them from failing while they are young or mitigating the consequences of their actions. The end result will be self absorbed adults who don’t understand why the credit card company doesn’t pay attention to their tantrums.

My first day on Phentermine

9:00 arrive at work – eat breakfast of yogurt and granola
10:00 go to water fountain fill 44 oz cup
10:15 get back at desk with 3 new projects garnered between water fountain and desk.
10:26 – finally get to take the pill after finishing with a phone call.
11:48 – I’m so tired, can I just take a nap for lunch? I have to admit the thought of food is nauseating
12:06 – I’m out of water, how did I get out of water this fast? Probably comes from trying to get rid of the metallic taste in my mouth.
12:15 – stopped at the bathroom line on the way back from the water cooler.
1:03 – back to the bathroom – only 1/3 done with the 44 oz cup though.
1:26 – Lunch with DH, put all but 3 bites of lunch in the take home container, drank 4 Diet Cokes, 3 glasses of water, and hit the restroom 2x.
2:32 – Time to hit the restroom again.
2:42 – Either I’m having hot flashes or my body is expelling the excess water through sweat glands since my bladder can’t handle it all.
3:04 – Can’t believe the water glass is empty again.
3:07 – Okay, definitely need more water; will hit the facilities on the way to the water cooler though.
3:12 – Bless the person who left the container of Crystal Light on the water cooler. You don’t think they’re having the same reaction I am do you?
3:45 – Time to hit the restroom again.
4:37 – Feel like I’ve spent all day in the restroom, and despite the antiperspirant, under my arms is a lake absorbed by clothing. It wouldn’t be a problem if my office wasn’t a refrigerator.
5:20 – My cup is empty again. There isn’t enough time between now and time to leave for me to drain another. I can live with dry mouth for a few minutes.
5:30 – No I can’t.
5:48 – Please only 10 more minutes, I can’t believe I’ll spend my clean up time in the WC.

They say that the first 5 pounds lost of any diet is water. I’ll definitely believe that today.
Now for those who say that I’m nuts for taking this drug, the damage that the weight is doing is worse than any side effects that may or may not occur. I’m only on it for 4 weeks and I have to check in with my doctor weekly for EKG’s and weigh ins.

It’s the sign’s fault…

My trips to the grocery store are hampered lately by road construction. They’re expanding the big box in my area to include a new strip mall. All you can see at the moment is mud, steel girders and an open Starbucks. Yes, in the middle of all the construction is a Starbucks with its sign lighted in green glory. They even have a special driveway and parking area in the construction zone. The sidewalk consists of 6 panels in front of the store if you step to either side of the Starbucks storefront; you are in mud which is really strange when you consider how dry the rest of the area is. The grass is dying in front of the existing stores because we haven’t had any appreciable rain all summer. I’m hoping the mud is because they were hosing down the construction site to keep the dust down and I just happened to arrive after.
No, I didn’t go into the Starbucks. I just drove into the parking lot to see what was happening. Maybe I was sucked in by the glowing green sign but I’m off caffeine at least until I lose those 30 pounds the doctor talked about (which is making life interesting since for me caffeine is a depressant that calms me so I can focus on work).
I think I was sucked in, after all, from what I’ve heard of Starbucks pricing and their additional infusions of addictive substances, it wouldn’t surprise me if they found a way to make their sign draw you in. Maybe it’s the green, after all Krispy Kreme has the same effect with their sign too. Hey, that’s why I have the 30 pounds…It’s all the fault of the mesmerizing Krispy Kreme sign!

If you dislike medical blog entries, skip this and come back tomorrow.

Normally I skip reading blogs if they talk about medical conditions. If I wanted to talk about surgeries or other conditions, I can visit the processing floor at work. I’ve been known to skip Dooce on a few days when it’s Too Much Information for me to take. So why would I even bother to write my own medical blog? Heck if I know.
But today I had my annual physical. I discovered that if you are monogamous, you only need a pap smear once every 3 years. It’s only if you have multiple partners that it’s needed more often. So, no pap this year or next year, YEA!!!
I got a new inhaler for my exercise induced asthma and I finally found out that the recommended dose of Niacin for reducing cholesterol is 1000 mg and the non-flush kind doesn’t work. So if I’m still over 130, it will be Zocor, Lipitor or Crestor for me. I’ll admit that in the past I’ve been more afraid of the side effects from the medicine than I have the eventual heart attack. But, I’m no older than my dad was when he had his first so it’s time to start worrying. The other good thing is that my doctor will now give me all the samples of Lipitor that I want so I don’t have to pay for it. So, if he’s concerned enough about it to give me free drugs, maybe I should take them.
Anyway the shocking part of the exam is they measured me as 5’1”!! The doctor was surprised enough that he sent them out to do it again and this time it came back 5’1.25” that’s a full inch taller than I was last year.
DH said it’s because I was measured in the morning and my appointments are usually at night. Most adults can vary an inch in height during the day as their spine compacts and relaxes. I guess the mattress that DH picked really works.Anyway, the doctor immediately took me off soda and fruit juice. I have to lose 30 pounds in the next 4 months

Meme-ity fun

Meme-ity fun

  1. Go into your archive.
    2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
    3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).

My archives at tblog are set up a little differently I guess.I started in September 2004 and ended up with this one….

DS#1 was a little disappointed that WG’s girls weren’t his age but he got over it.

It’s from Part 2 of the Vegas Diaries – http://www.tblog.com/templates/index.php?bid=shondratasha&static=261188

If I go back to my 2003 archive and find the 23rd blog entry I ever created….

Okay, you all know the routine…copy (not
forward) this email and paste it onto a new email that
you will send.


It is 100 questions from my daughter with her answers. It was proof that I’m doing my job of turning her into a responsible, self assured adult correctly.

By the way, if you can’t get to these archives, leave me a comment and I’ll republish them on blogspot for you.

I’m already starting to hear conspiracy theories about Katrina and Rita and Rita hasn’t even hit landfall in the Gulf as I’m writing this.
Snopes even has a section on Hurricane Katrina. That’s how fast the email accusations have been spread.
I’ve heard that Katrina is God’s wrath for Southern Decadence day – I did find the official website for Southern Decadence which states that most of their activities are located in the French Quarter. From what I’ve heard, that area was the least damaged. So if it was really to prevent Southern Decadence (Gay Mardi Gras) why not hit the area where it was going to occur?
The rumor I heard on NPR on the way home is that the levees weren’t built properly and it wasn’t flooding that caused the problem but a collapse down lower in the levee.
Oh, I’m already seeing the rumors there….It was terrorists (Snopes says false on that one).
I’ve already heard that it was the KKK who created the holes so that the black areas would drown and the city could be rebuilt as an all white city.
I’ve heard it was the Bush administration so that Halliburton would have another big infrastructure contract.
My favorite so far though it that both Katrina and Rita are government created hurricanes meant to drive black people from their homes. I didn’t think that anyone could possibly believe that sort of drivel until I heard a woman on the television today complaining that the government shouldn’t be letting President Bush send Hurricane Rita after the evacuees.
If you’ll believe that President Bush controls the weather, well, when the big one hits, I’ll have oceanfront property in Utah to sell you.

I was sure that I would get hate mail from yesterday’s comments. I was sure I would at least get nasty anonymous comments. It didn’t happen. What do I need to talk about in order to get hate mail?
Am I just so awe inspiring that people are afraid to send me hate mail? I realize that chaos is my element, are people afraid of me loosing my minions into their lives? Don’t they realize that my minions are already present, or do they just ignore the existence of chaos on the fringes of their existence?
Maybe, it’s horror of horrors, that they didn’t read it. But that doesn’t make sense since statcounter tells me I had 105 page loads from 74 visitors 44 unique and 30 returning. So people read it.
Maybe it’s because they agree with me? That must be it because the last thought is too much to bear… They didn’t comment because they didn’t care enough about any of the players to have an opinion worth sharing.
Since this is my universe, and everyone is a construct to help me realize my true potential, I can’t imagine that I created a place where people didn’t feel strongly enough about something to speak up about it. It’s all about me after all, maybe I’ve been too strong in channeling negativity out of my life?

When my husband took Akido, the sensei was also an Avatar. He gave me books to read during the time my husband was in class. I remember one book talking about how I am the only person in the universe and everyone else is just a construct I create in order to make my life better or worse. Now while I can’t agree that everyone is a figment of my imagination, I can agree with the concept that we control the way we react to situations around us. We can act as if it’s all about us (because we are the centers of our own universe) or we can divert the focus to ideas, causes or other people that we espouse and admire.
For those to whom it’s always about them, may I suggest that they start a change by refocusing; accepting that the positive things that happen as being about them and passing the negative things off as being about someone else? It’s amazing how when one starts doing that, good things start entering your life and many of the bad things leave. In doing this too, one starts realizing that it may not be all about you after all.
I find it so amazing that when people think it’s all about them, even the most innocuous comment becomes an insult. People start looking for hidden meanings; we start picking up nuances that the original author never intended. We start limiting the circles of friends that other people have to those of which we are aware. Since we tend to relate other people’s behaviours to our own, someone who denies that others have relationships outside the Internet is admitting that they live their lives in the box.
One of the things I’ve been observing lately in the stitching community is a woman who insists that a popular person is continually attacking her. In fact, the popular person doesn’t really even think about the first woman until people email and ask “so was this about her?” The answer is usually “No.” but the woman with the persecution complex just won’t believe it. The funny thing is that the woman with the persecution complex has been proactive in creating a board and banning people from posting on it. Strangely enough, one of the women she banned has no clue why she is banned but, it’s really not worth the time to find out why. As the board members admit, they lead boring lives and talk about boring things. Frankly, I’m not sure why I’m even spending this much time thinking about it, let alone writing about it. I’ll admit that I’m vain enough to assume that they would have proactively banned me too, so I posted once under an alternative user name and then got accused of hiding behind a pseudonym. My fault; I just assumed that if the Princess were banned, the Goddess would be too.
Anyway this is enough time wasted on the topic. Hopefully, now that it’s out of my head and onto the screen, it will just go away.

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