January Wipocalypse CheckIn

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So I’m late checking in this month. It’s been a busy start to the new year. I’m writing as much as I’m stitching and have some fun things going. First the questions

What SALs are you participating in this year?

I have 3 SALs that I’m planning on for this year – Last year’s Clouds Factory Fabulous Women which I didn’t keep current with and am working on the monthly blocks this year. Here is January.

Next I’m working on the Harry Potter Class Schedule from Armada Designs. I ordered some gold and yellow silk from Silks4U for the borders and the class schedule banner. I did get that started in January.

The final SAL that I’m participating in this year is the Frosted Pumpkin Into the Jungle SAL. I completed my January block there too.

As for my other stitching goals. I did get a row finished in Anniversary Roses but I can’t show those pictures online because of the agreement with the designer. And I got one block finished on Stars for a New Millennium.

I also finished the tortoise on Ecology which was a freebie from either the Hoffman or Herschner’s site

So not as much as I hoped to stitch but I’ve been focused on job hunting and writing.

What are you stitching Olympics plans? Which event?

I am planning on the rotation relay – a new piece each day unless I finish the section goal in which case, I can either work on a piece from an earlier day or move on to the next day.

Day – Project – Goal

Friday, Opening ceremonies – Class Schedule – Get current

Saturday, Day 1 – Stars for a New Millennium – 2 Stars

Sunday, Day 2 – Fabulous Women – February

Monday, Day 3 – New Year Fairy – 200 stitches – (There may be no stitching this day as my son comes home from his mission to St. Louis)

Tuesday, Day 4 – Frosted Pumpkin Into the Jungle – February Block (Toucans)

Wednesday, Day 5 – Anniversary Roses – Wild Rose/Celtic Vines Row

Thursday, Day 6 – EGA Name Tag

Friday, Day 7 – Dr. Who Quilt – Finish signatures

Saturday, Day 8 – Ecology – Finish it

Sunday, Day 9 – Summer Carousel Horse – 200 stitches (Catch up on other pieces)

Monday, Day 10 – Fall Carousel Horse – 200 stitches

Tuesday, Day 11 – Spring Carousel Horse – 200 stitches

Wednesday, Day 12 – Needlepoint Purse Kit – 2 inches of Basketweave

Thursday, Day 13 – Tempest – 200 stitches

Friday, Day 14 – Ristipisto Kit – 300 stitches

Saturday, Day 15 -Rose Fairy, Joan Elliott – 300 stitches

Sunday, Closing Ceremonies – Dragon Ride – 300 stitches

17 projects with some progress? We’ll see how it goes.