I took a snow day…

Technically I had the day scheduled off so that I could decompress before my birthday. I planned to go to the Deseret Foundation quilting day but the snow was so nasty it was all I could do to make it to the bank today.
So instead of going out and quilting, I stayed in and stitched. Yes, I know I should have been working on cleaning the house or on Harry Potter #3. I just wanted to be in a room with lots of light and that was the front room. The reflection off the snow was sending light through the windows which still don’t have the sheers on them. I did get one of 4 sheers hung this weekend. And DH mentioned that he would like to do at least one room in oxblood when we paint. Yes, this is the same man who said that he only wanted white walls. I think that something has clicked with him and he’s suggesting that we have fun with the house and paint all the rooms differently since this is our house and we’re not worrying about resale right now.
Can I just say that I’m massively relieved to hear him say this?

Yes, this is a ramble but I’m in a great, relaxed mood tonight.

He’s going to be fine

It was confirmed tonight that my youngest child broke his thumb at his first Boy Scout meeting. We just thought it was sprained and he said it didn’t hurt much, but 10 days later it was still swollen so DH figured it was time to go see the doctor. So, I spent over 2 hours in UrgentCare today. I didn’t mind getting bumped for the guy with broken ribs or the man pissing blood (he has a kidney stone) but I did mind that the woman sneezing who came in a 1/2 hour after we did displaced us. After they took Madam Sniffles (no, it wasn’t an allergy attack, she stopped sneezing once the doctor made her blow her nose) I had no compunction about letting my very bored boy ask the clerk at the counter if he could have either glue or tape so he could make some toy men out of the “popsicle sticks” on the counter. She gave him medical tape and he proceeded to turn tongue depressors into toy soldiers. The nice nurse, even gave him a pen to make faces and suggested he use some of the cotton balls for hair. Yes, I realize I will be billed for these supplies but when I call to argue them, I can’t wait to see how they justified it in the chart notes –
As I see it,
After making an 11 year old with a swollen thumb sit in the waiting room for 40 minutes, we moved him to an exam room and made him leave any magazines of his age range in the waiting room. He had a book with him but finished it quickly. He then began examining the examining table. He discovered many drawers, levers, buttons and his mother who was studying for a finance quiz let him “discover” them all. She did refer him to the nurses station when he asked what the stirrups were for. At that point, they did let him go get magazines from the waiting room to take to the exam room as long as he promised to put them back. Following another 30 minutes in the exam room, the x-ray tech discovered that the chart for Room 1 was in her “waiting for x-rays” box and had been for the last 20 minutes during which she had been saying. “I love you more.” into her cell phone. She only discovered this after the desk nurse picked up the chart and shoved it at her after being asked for the 4th time, “When do I get to see the x-ray machine?” Exam Room 1 was quiet for about 15 minutes after the patient returned from radiology but then the sound of the doctor’s exam chair rolling across the floor and tennis shoes rebounding off the wall could be heard. The nurse poked her head in and asked if the patient could stop it and find something else to do. That’s when the patient asked for glue or tape. The tape did keep him occupied for approx. 15 to 20 minutes and he was still occupied with Mr. Smiley and Mr. Frowny battling and flying when the doctor realized that Exam Room #1 had an occupant but no chart. The mother retrieved the chart and the x-rays from the radiology room and made some rather rude comments to the tech about where in her anatomy her cell phone should be put.
The mother and the doctor agreed that the patient had a healing chip fracture of the right thumb and that correct treatment would be a splint, ibuprofen, and ice for swelling as needed. The doctor apologized for the delay in treatment and asked if patient had been examined for ADD. Mother glared at the doctor and said, “I was bored out of my mind after 90 minutes, I can just imagine what it was like for him with only 4 magazines in his reading range. At least I had a textbook and finished all 30 pages of my assignment while waiting.” Doctor then double checked the arrival time on the chart, blanched, and excused herself.

Yes, I know it won’t go down in the chart that way and I’m usually not that rude nor do I let my kids be that out of control. I was just ticked off that 6 people who came in after us were seen and left before us. I can understand two of the three that I mentioned before but I was always taught that, in triage, blood or breathing came first and everyone else went in order. I finally reached the point where I figured letting him be an obnoxious child would get us seen in order to get rid of him. I just wish it had worked.

A parenting dilemma…

My 11 year old son is hoping/expecting to get a letter from the US version of Hogwarts this summer. I think part of him is hoping that the reason he has such trouble in school is because he doesn’t really belong there (he’s severely dyslexic and it’s only with intense tutoring that he’s been able to read at all). He’s still at that age when fiction is real. All movies are documentaries and the things in books really happen, just to other people.
I love that he has this bubble to live in. We do so much to take away childhood from our children. True, childhood is only a recent 20th century invention occurring after the advent of child labor laws (and the rise of the upper and middle classes to a point where a family didn’t need a child’s income to survive), but I would like him to hold on to those dreams for as long as he can.
To complicate the situation, his older brother is being recruited by a charter school. He should hear by mid-March whether he’s been accepted to the Academy of Math, Engineering and Science.

So now my parenting dilemma – do I wait until July to let my younger son know that it’s just fiction and there won’t be any Hogwarts or similar academy letter? Do I tell him now in the hopes that it spurs him to work harder in school since there isn’t any magical solution to make it easier to read?

Part of me wants to point out that he hasn’t exhibited any magical traits like Harry did or explain that because of the Salem witch trials there aren’t any magical boarding schools in the US. I’m just afraid that those tactics would damage his self-respect.

How would you handle this one?

The more things change the more they stay the same…

Harvard is about to have it’s first female President. I heard an interview with her where she said the one thing that she has always had to fight against was other women telling her that even wanting her dreams was inappropriate. She talked about her grandmother ruling the family with an iron fist but everyone pretending that it was grandma’s boys who were in charge. She talked of her mother telling her that is was such a bad thing that she was smart since it would be wasted on her and it was too bad that her brothers weren’t brighter since they would have to support families. Now it’s true that she grew up in the 50’s and 60’s but I remember hearing a lot of these same things as late and the mid to late 1980’s and I’m running into it again in my master’s program. You realize that my slot could have gone to a young man who needs the degree to support a family. I love to shoot back that if it weren’t for me in this program, it wouldn’t have the accreditation needed for any student to be attending it, male or female, so be glad I’m in class.

Do you still hear some of these things – – that it’s bad for a girl to be smart? That reading too much will make you unpopular? That you should never score higher than the guys in anything but especially not math or science? That wanting a higher position at work is “unladylike”? Do you hear them from other women? Why do women feel the need to discourage each other? Is the cattiness part of our natures or is it trained into us?

She just had to crack the Soylent green jokes!!!

Stasha —

A brand of soylent green breakfast cereal

‘How” will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at QuizGalaxy.com

I got this from Whizgidget’s blog. She must have stopped just in time since I ended up as the Soylent green.

In a way this is fitting since we watched 2001:A Space Odyssey with the kids on Sunday and all of a sudden, they have a new source of reference for so many cartoon jokes. Also Sprach Zarathuthstra will never be the same for them though.
The even funnier part was when the next disk we threw in started with the music and the sun rising over the great white dome of Brain’s head. DD had to run for the bathroom she was laughing so hard. We got talking about great cartoon moments that referred to the Kubrick movie and the one that everyone remembered was Homer Simpson in space eating potato chips to the sound of a waltz.
Thank goodness George Lucas commissioned original music for the next big Sci-Fi movie to come to the big screen after the Kubrick film.

Updated the website

I took some time this weekend and updated the gallery. And I realized that I need to do some remodeling. I’ve been told by some marketing people that white text marks you as spam or porn on google’s spiders so I need to remake the gallery pages. I’m taking suggestions for a new background or color scheme.
As always, suggestions are welcome….


In a stitching mood….

I haven’t wanted to stitch for awhile but starting last weekend when I was offline, I’ve got a crazy desire to stitch. Maybe it’s because I should be working on taxes or homework or cleaning. Anyway, I’ve finished 2 projects in the last week and could easily finish 2 more if I stay off line again this weekend. Frankly, it’s kind of nice having time to do my stuff. I just need to take pictures of it and update the website.

Glad that I don’t have an omelet pan today….

Over the weekend, DH complained about his current omelet pan. I was told that it really isn’t an omelet pan, it’s a crepe pan and it’s just not cutting it anymore for omelets. Since it was just payday, we decided a trip to Williams and Sonoma was in order. We planned to do it on Monday and have DS#2’s birthday dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory.
Well the Monday plans fell apart. Seems that DS#2 got in trouble at school over his behavior at the field trip, I got home late from picking him up at tutoring since I wanted to take some quilt blocks I just inherited over to Piper’s Quilts to be evaluated, so when I got home around 6 pm and suggested that we head over to Trolley Square for shopping and dinner. DH complained that he wasn’t feeling well and DS#2 could wait for his birthday celebration until the weekend since he didn’t deserve a treat after his behavior at school that day.
Imagine the shock when we turned the TV on to find out that we would have been involved in this if we had gone shopping.

Taking a few days off…

I’m so ashamed; I knew that my temper was running short, and that any little thing was likely to set me off, yesterday the trigger hit and I actually attacked a what appeared to be a spammer on somebody else’s blog. Not only is that poor netiquette it was totally uncalled for and definitely out of character. It was one of many things that led me to believe that DH is right and I’m out for blood, anyone’s blood will do and I’m not going to be happy until I take someone’s head off. So, before I do any more damage (and I hope the damage I’ve done in the last few days is reparable), I’m going to take a few days off line just to keep everyone safe.

Not to mention, on my first evening in a long time without the Net, I got more homework and stitching done than I have in ages.

Just a thought….

“The submission of one’s will is really the only uniquely personal thing we have to place on God’s altar. The many other things we ‘give,’ . . . are actually the things He has already given or loaned to us. However, when you and I finally submit ourselves, by letting our individual wills be swallowed up in God’s will, then we are really giving something to Him! It is the only possession which is truly ours to give!”