Coming up on a new year

Oh, the decisions  we choose to make.  I’ve  decided to participate  in a year of TW Stitching.  After all I have six WIPs  in progress designed by Teresa  Wentzler.  I know that I will need breaks from the confetti stitching so I plan to alternate with either small pieces or Mirabilia pieces.
Thus we come to the first weekend  of January – and the decision needed.  I’ve  been  working  on Memory of Tide Pools by Ro Pace and I have a rhythm going on it but I’m also a bit tired of it. So I’m debating for the first weekend of the new year:  Do I start something new or work on one of my TW  pieces?
And if I start something new should it be one of my Mira Queens, Mirabilia’s Elizabeth or Sabrina, or one of my kitted up carousels (TW’s, Fire Wing Designs Wild Hunt or Patricia Allison’s Dragon Carousel), or maybe my Glendon Place Sleepy Hollow?
The thing is none of the new starts are screaming at me.  Maybe working on one of the existing TW pieces will be my New Year’s start.