As we enter that final WIPocalypse month, I’m skipping around the project list and having trouble focusing.  But I did make progress on stuff.  Such as being almost finished with 2 sets of 56 blocks….

November Wipocalypse

Not a pretty picture but I’m going to finish the blocks before I put it away this year.  And then next year, I’ll resize the blocks and sew them together (8 rows of 7 blocks).  The fun part of this quilt is that the corner cut of the large block, makes the pieces of the pinwheel block for the 2nd quilt.

I also started on my Stars of the New Millennium Stitch-a-Long.  Here are Marilyn and Clark:


Yes, I’m ahead of the SAL but these have been so fun to do.  The Very Velvet turned out really nice.  The metallic black looks better in person than it does on the picture.  I’ve been too stressed to lay the border correctly so it’s been waiting.  Once I finish the quilt and my December WIPocalypse piece, I’m going to start on the 3rd block.

My December WIPocalypse piece is coming along nicely but I need a canvas stitch which will fit in a space that is 7 threads by 12 threads. And then a decision on what to do with the final row of stitches and it will be completed.