Found my word for 2020

Why did I stop ending my day by reading Og Mandino’s scroll 7? Listening to it today, I nearly cried. I so needed to hear the message of laughing at the world all last year. This year, I will laugh at the world. Humans have the ability to laugh, no other animal can truly laugh. In 10 years, will any of what happened today still sadden me? Okay, I’m still a bit ticked that I spent New Year’s Eve 1999 by myself at the office (Thank you Y2K) but I came home to a house I had been in for 6 months and it’s still wonderful. This past year, I started not knowing how long we could keep the house if I didn’t find a new job. I start this new year, knowing that I need to find a new job. Either a new role in the same company or a new role in a new company. This year though, I know I have the ability to keep the house for at least a year if I don’t find something new soon. This is my year. I will be better than ever before, I will sell more than ever before, I will conquer and help more people than ever before. Last year my word for the year was connection and I did better with it than I would have without it.
I haven’t selected a new word for this year but the word that has been coming to mind more and more is FOCUS.
This year I will have FOCUS, I will focus on my family. I will have focus on a new role. I will have focus on my hobbies and completing works in progress. I will FOCUS on the important and avoid the distractions the enemy puts in my way.


Focus on the needs of others. Focus on what needs to be done and Focus on what needs to be eliminated.