Craft and Art

This song haunts me and I keep coming back to it and relating it to my own crafts. I keep thinking of the lines

“My boy builds coffins and I think it’s a shame
That when each ones been made, he can’t see it again
He crafts every one with love and with care
Then it’s thrown in the ground and it just isn’t fair”

I think about how much time and effort I put into the art of my craft and how many things I’ve given away and how many were unappreciated. My reaction was to stop making gifts and start making things just for me and that worked for a time. I’m ready now though I think to start making things again for others – It’s the spirit of the gift. If it’s not appreciated well, I know not to give to those people again. After all, each coffin could only be given once.



ThatGameCompany just proved you don’t need to kill something to have fun playing a video game. I love the spirit of cooperation generated in Journey. My kids have reached the point where they log on to find other people to help. What a wonderful message to teach.
I love the graphics, the images and the music. I just hope that when I get around to trying it for the first time I find some good guides.

The ORT jar in March

I almost forgot my TUSAL post for this month. Not much new in there, sad to report.

I’d forgotten how fun a Mirabilia could be…

I’m so glad it’s Mirabilia March.  I’m really enjoying working on Autumn Queen and I found everything I needed for Spring Queen tonight… I’ve told myself that I need to have quite a bit more done on Autumn before I go buy scroll bars to put Spring on.  But the Fairy’s don’t need bars and I have every thing I need to start one of those and they would stitch up really quick…Oh the temptation….

Thinking about new starts and why they don’t appeal…

So I’ve finished 2 medium/big projects lately and in the past that would be the reason to start something else. I have several projects which are kitted up and ready to be started. Sentinel which I bought when I went to CATS in Nashville, Mirabilia’s Spring Queen which I kitted up as a Christmas present to myself several years ago (and gave to myself a 2nd time when I needed to use the money my parents gave me for the kid’s Christmas presents).
I have Maggie the Messmaker which was given to me as a gift, and Glendon Place’s Sleepy Hollow. There are several small pieces too but these are the ones I think about the most.

However, although I would normally be jonesing for a new start, right now, I’m more anxious to work on Autumn Queen which I haven’t touched in 8 years. (I tell you 2004 was a good year for starts and not one for finishes). I did actually get 30 minutes in on her the other night. I have about one more day of contract work and then I’ll be able to concentrate on her.

I actually got both Sentinel and Sleepy Hollow out the other night after I finished Fire Dancer and I looked at them and thought – I really didn’t schedule any new starts into the WIPocalypse plan. Okay, well I did put Sentinel into an alternate slot but I also have 2 other pieces in the alternate slots ahead of that one.

There’s a part of me which wonders what’s wrong with me since I really don’t want to start anything new. DH says it’s the feeling of having too much on my plate and it will go away once I get a few more things completed (like my WIPocalypse list). Either that or when I get to the point where all I have left is Teresa Wentzler WIPS, I’ll start something simple just to have a break between pieces.

I can see his point but there’s a part of me which wonders if I’m losing the passion.

Before the WIPocalypse…

There was the WIP Killers Project…and this was my list

Started projects:
Horrified  Just Nan  
Red Thread Sampler Bent Creek Jan-09 57% 318 medium 
 Fire Dance Enchanted Lair Sep-04 57% 285 medium 72% 2/2012  Finished 3/11/12
 Dragon Ride TW 7/31/2000 56% 221 medium
 Fruit Bell Pull TW 1997 44% 344 medium
 Fairy Tale Sampler #2 Dragon Dreams Nov-03 12% 234 medium  finished 3/1/12
 Winter Horse TW 7/12/2000 44% 500 large 76% 12/2011
 Autumn Queen Mirabilia Jul-04 42% 551 large
 O Christmas Tree MLI 1/1/2004 35% 480 large
 Autumn Carousel Horse TW Feb-10 21.4% 500 large 28% 12/2011
 Fire and Ice (Kustom Krafts) KK 1/20/2003 14% 560 large
 Fortunate Traveller TW Sep-03 12% 500 large

As you can see, 2003 and 2004 were a year of starts for me with not much happening after that.  The WIPocalypse has been good to me as I’ve knocked 2 pieces off the list.  That’s right – FireDancer is now complete.


I started FireDancer by Enchanting Lair for my daughter since my daughter was a Highland Dancer who liked Fairies.  The fabric is from SilkWeaver before they were purchased and I don’t remember the color but it’s a linen of some sort.

I converted the colors to Anchor fibers and when I put in the last stitch ImageThis was all the Anchor 43 I had left in the skein.  I’m thinking that I’ll put it in the ort jar instead of filing it back in the floss boxes.

Now to start working on the next on my WIPocalypse list which is 5th from the bottom on my WIP Killers list – Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen.  Yes, it’s time for Mirabilia March!

Entering the 3rd Full moon this year

So as we enter the third month of the WIPocalypse – I have one more finish under my belt.

This Fairy Tale Sampler was started November 2003 right after I finished the first Fairy Tale Sampler on the other half of the Sapphire Expressions from Silk Weaver.

I wanted to stitch matching samplers for hanging in my sons’ bedrooms.   At least they’re both finished now and by the time I get them framed, they’ll be able to take them when they move out.

But that’s not all folks, I also got some time in on FireDancer.

She’s only got 996 stitches or beads left until she’s finished.   I know my schedule said that I would start working on Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen tomorrow – but I think I’m going to finish Fire Dancer first.

If you would like more information on the WIPocalypse, check out Measi’s Blog.

Fairy Tale Sampler by Dragon Dreams

Fairy Tale Sampler by Dragon Dreams

The second sampler I completed. These were meant to be matching samplers for my boys, I thought they would look so cute in their bedrooms – now it will have to be dorm rooms or their own apartments.