Looks can be deceiving

I’m getting started on my annual inventory.  I decided to start with cataloguing my Works in Progress (WIP). When I looked at the shelf, it seems pretty daunting; six cubicles, 4 crammed full.  Yet as I started really looking at what was there, most of them are kitted but not started yet.  Only 15 of the cross-stitch projects in the full shelf have been worked on by me. 

Several of the WIPs are ones I inherited and have not put in any stitches. I’m counting them as fully kitted and ready to start.  By the way, that count for cross-stitch is forty projects (Bewitching Pixies and Flower Pixies were grouped as 2 instead of actual numbers). 

There are only three embroidery projects started and 10 quilt tops. Five needlepoint canvases are going although 3 more reside on the shelves. I did find the silk for Tiger Lily’s skin, in with Raven Queen. So many beautiful things waiting for me to work on them.

So why am I looking at 3 mystery stitch a longs and trying to figure out how to fund them and stay within budget?

Thoughts on Voyeur…

The other night DH and I watched the Netflix documentary Voyeur about the publication of the Voyeur Hotel book.  The thing that really struck me was how shocked the Voyeur was about people hating what he did.  The author reminded the Voyeur that he came to the author to tell his story and be a pioneer, a hero, someone who was brave enough to fight the social norms.  As I watched it, it hit me.  This guy thought everyone secretly wanted to spy on people having sex but weren’t as smart as he was since he did it.  He thought people would admire his willingness to act on the desire he knew they all had.  It never occured to him that other people found his desires repulsive, he saw his desires as normal.

Usually when I write a blog, I have a point in mind when I start.  I think in this case, it’s trying to purge an image from my head. I remember watching Voyeur and seeing an expression.  Just a flash where it hits him, what I did may not be everyone’s secret desire.  Many time in coaching, we help others see that they aren’t alone, there are others who feel what you do.  In this case, it’s the opposite. What you are feeling is not what everyone else is feeling.