A thought about Christmas.

Did you ever stop to consider during Christmas that the greatest miracle isn’t that Christ was resurrected but that as Mark says – And the Word became flesh? The condescension of God is what we really celebrate. We say that we’re celebrating His birth but do we really stop to consider what that means? God who exists from the beginning of Time agreed to take on Mortality with all the pain and suffering it entails to save us from our own stupidity.
Do you ever wonder if that’s the difference between the Old Testament and every thing after? Now that we know He experienced mortality with its perceived hardships, we demand mercy rather than the rages of the Old Testament.

Sorry for the delay

I’ve been really busy getting things done and working hard. I haven’t even had surfing time at work and this is the time of the month that I usually do have nothing to do.

I did it again

Every year I think that I’m done shopping and when I sort it out the one that I think I bought the most for has the fewest presents.

Just a question as we go into the holiday stretch…

Do you have a comfort level with cash? Do you feel like you have a hole in your pocket and spend all you can if you get over a certain level in your bank account or if you have under a certain amount on your credit cards?
Do you waste money on stupid stuff and think, “I really should return that?” but find it’s just too much bother?

I would really appreciate comments on this because it’s something I’ve been really thinking about since I heard Suze Orman say something.

I really shouldn’t complain but…

What genius authorized low level night maneuvers last night? The helicopters kept me up all night

A thought to ponder.

You’ve just got to love a weekend when the morning after the party at your house starts with a telephone call containing the question, “and just how do you bail someone out of jail?”

>A thought to ponder.

>You’ve just got to love a weekend when the morning after the party at your house starts with a telephone call containing the question, “and just how do you bail someone out of jail?”

Would you read a book with this opening paragraph?

Once upon a time I visited my Grandma’s house and sat beneath the clothes line handing her wet things out of the basket while she hung them and talked to her neighbor, Mrs. Hutchins, over the rose bushes. Mrs. Hutchins would be trimming the roses or hanging her laundry and I would play with the clothes pins while they talked of boring things like who was sick, who just had a baby and what the teenagers were doing to cause trouble.
This was a long time ago back when it was safe for a girl of 10 to ride her bike 3 miles to her Grandmother’s house. Back in a time when clothes dryers were expensive to run so women hung clothes on the line while they talked over the back fence or the rose bush hedge to the women next door.

Summer Camps

Yes, I know its December but some of the science summer camps have waiting lists and registration starts now, which is strange since many of the ones with open registration don’t even have 2006 schedules yet.
I just fired off 4 or 5 emails to places that my son has expressed interest in. The robotics camp in New Hampshire, the Atomic energy camp in Tennessee, the engineering camp in Michigan, and the general math and science in Idaho are the main ones he’s looking at. What’s wild is that the Engineering camps website doesn’t have anything for Utah at all. You would think with our population being mainly kids, we would have more camps at the colleges than other places. But then again, BYU does religious camps all summer and the U of U tries to pretend that we don’t have the demographics that we do.

A confession for you

I have a Guilt Wall.
It’s that point when you look at what you’re doing and say “What the F***?” Why am I here? I should be doing X,Y, or Z? I should have put this money toward (fill in your personal blank here)? I should be (put in the chore you should have done) instead of (insert favorite hobby or timewaster here).
Tonight I hit the Guilt Wall when I looked up from my Sudoku puzzle at the dirty dishes and messy kitchen. I knew I should have been cleaning the house for my Christmas party on Friday or doing the dishes or working on my stitching model. Usually I hit the Guilt Wall full head on, tonight however wasn’t bad since I could yell at kids to do the dishes, put the puzzle up and still have time to do a couple threads in the model after I cleaned up the TV room. There are nights I hit the Guilt Wall with such force that all I can do is stand there and cry.So am I the only one with a Guilt Wall? If you don’t call that feeling of being overwhelmed for wasting time “hitting the Guilt Wall” What do you call it? If you have a Guilt Wall what does it look like?
I should add, that mine does have lots of indentations from the times that I’ve hit it full force with no air bag in place.