Ipod Meme…

List the next 10 songs on your iPod. How to they apply as a description of you?

1. Queen of All Argyll – Silly Wizard
“She is a creature of character and feature”
“All the roses in the garden, they bow and ask her pardon since not one could match the beauty of the Queen of all Argyll.”
“I must find some way to gain her, to court her, and to tame her, for I fear my hearts in danger from the Queen of all Argyll.”
2. The (After) Life of the Party – Fall Out Boy
Yes- it’s worth it to watch me work the room
3. If I wasn’t Shy – They Might be Giants –
As if!!
4. Feeling Good – Nina Simone –
Yep, definitely me.
5. Red Barchetta – Rush –
Reminds me of my first car – It was Red and Sporty
6. Going for the One – Yes –
Okay, either this is everyone gunning for me or a commentary on the 100 project challenge where I’m working with The1.
7. Have you Heard – Moody Blues
No, but you can tell me!
8. Time to Dance – Panic! At the Disco
Isn’t it always? – if not make time for it.
9. Shores of California – The Dresden Dolls
and other places I will never live…(I met Amanda and Brian at the True Colors concert where I got this album.)
10. Swisskapolka – Swiss Family Treehouse – Official Album of the Disney Theme parks
Okay, no, I can’t really explain this one but those who know me understand.

Now for the comments – what do these songs tell you about me?

Painted Canvas Happy Dance

So here is my first mid-sized project for this year (I think, I’ll have to go over my completion list but I think this is my largest stitching piece for this year). It’s stitched in silk and Bijoux. I’m taking suggestions for framers.

Post Potter Depression?

And no, the Simpson’s movie is no replacement for the rush that was last week’s Harry Potter experience (even if the local Barnes and Noble is blaming Scholastic for shafting the older fans who grew up with Harry).

I have to admit that if I wasn’t suddenly concerned with getting Global Tycoon set up for school next week and suddenly realizing that the 4 weeks I had to complete the Economics correspondence course is down to 1 week that I would have more time to melt down but as with any non-chemical depression – being too busy to crash is the cure.

My son is a nerd…

He went and looked up the algorithms for solving a Rubik’s cube because he wasn’t getting it fast enough. He’s now having his younger brother mix up the cube and then timing himself for solving it. I’m tempted to pop the pieces and then give it to him to solve (Bad Mommy!)

Just so you Know…

This weekend I learned I no longer have the resilience necessary to stay awake and functioning for 48 hours without consequence. I have the mother of all headaches today.

Glad I bought 5 books now….

Actually, we ended up purchasing 9 (somehow my original reservation for 4 wasn’t cancelled and instead of adding one they added 5). That worked out really well since they lost one of DD’s friends reservations and she needed 2, and another of DD’s friends had a G wristband and we were B’s. The last copy I sold to someone in the non-reserved book line for $25 (I paid 18.89 plus tax).

Anyway, this was the house at 3 am.

This is the reason that I’m glad I bought 5 books for the family. He actually made it to page 17 reading all by himself. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal. He’s severely dyslexic, at age 9 he was on a 1st grade reading level. Tutoring has helped but he’s motivated to read the Harry Potter series.

This is 7 am and we’ve lost DS#2. Shortly after I took this picture DH informed us that the carpet cleaners were due in an hour and we had to move all the furniture off the carpet. That bit into the reading time.

Anyway, an hour later I was outside on the front benches finishing up. I finished at 10:50 am. DD caught this photo of me out front during “The Battle of Hogwart’s.”

Fantastic way to end a series!

Should I worry?

DH just called – we aren’t having what he originally planned to make for dinner. Is there anything that I want before he sends DD to the store.

Seems he and DD got distracted (“but don’t worry, it’s a good thing”) and burned dinner. He won’t tell me what distracted them until I get home tonight…. Hmm, maybe this report will wait until tomorrow.

So am I nuts? (Harry Potter Question)

So I have on pre-order 5 books and the audio CD. One of the books is to be dropped in a global priority mailer and shipped to Finland so the kids Grandpa has a copy. 3 of the books are so there is no fighting in the house over whose turn it is to read.

The final copy of the book – so DS#2 can follow along while listening to the unabridged audio book. He has a copy of book 6 and DD’s old copy of #1 but none of the other books. I just figured that he would inherit mine. But then, I’ve been thinking about how cool it was when my grandma gave me books that had been hers (I have her 1960’s issued LOTR set) and got thinking that it would be cool to pass my Harry Potter books on to my grandkids when they get interested in them.

But then I get thinking about how I just gave away a ton of childrens books that I had been saving for my kids since I loved them when I was little but not one of my kids ever cracked the cover of a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery and I’m the only one who read the copy of King of the Wind on the bookshelf. And to top that off, they’ve never read the Narnia books either and never let me finish when I read those to them.

So, am I being silly in buying 5 copies when we would be fine with 4 and the CD’s?

Las Vegas style show performs in SLC…

It’s not often that I come home from a concert and immediately want to listen to an album from a different artist. However, after listening to renditions of Nina Simone done with 50’s style dance step, I couldn’t wait to get home to listen to the real thing. Now I’m sure that the girls who went ballistic trying to get close to the stage probably have never heard the original songs that he was covering and as such don’t realize that the artist’s voice needs to mature about 5 to 10 years before he’ll be able to do them true justice.
The Elvis moves and the Rat Pack act are also something that was most likely lost to most of the 6000 attendees. I could see some of the older couples got it though. I really felt disappointed in the concert, but then the tickets were free so I can’t complain too much since it was worth the price of admission.
The best joke of the whole evening (once again, the laugh lines were reminiscent of a small gallery on the Strip or in the Sands) – “Okay, I was warned that Salt Lake was a conservative town; I needed to watch my language and keep the movements clean. But really people, I’ve never had my ass grabbed so often as I did during this audience walk.”

Okay, I’m sorry if I’m offending fans but I just couldn’t take Micheal Buble’ seriously when, opening with the red spotlight, he looks just like my sister’s husband.

Now if he’s playing in Vegas 10 years from now and has developed a style of his own while keeping the big band and jazz, I’ll be one of those tossing panties on the stage a’ la Tom Jones.

Reason Number Three for why you should come to my birthday party…

That’s right I’m having a birthday party around the end of February just outside of Vegas.
3. Instructor Winchester -yes, that’s his real name. He should be at the party…

Oh, by the way only the first 40 38 requesting invitations get to come…