Glad I bought 5 books now….

Actually, we ended up purchasing 9 (somehow my original reservation for 4 wasn’t cancelled and instead of adding one they added 5). That worked out really well since they lost one of DD’s friends reservations and she needed 2, and another of DD’s friends had a G wristband and we were B’s. The last copy I sold to someone in the non-reserved book line for $25 (I paid 18.89 plus tax).

Anyway, this was the house at 3 am.

This is the reason that I’m glad I bought 5 books for the family. He actually made it to page 17 reading all by himself. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal. He’s severely dyslexic, at age 9 he was on a 1st grade reading level. Tutoring has helped but he’s motivated to read the Harry Potter series.

This is 7 am and we’ve lost DS#2. Shortly after I took this picture DH informed us that the carpet cleaners were due in an hour and we had to move all the furniture off the carpet. That bit into the reading time.

Anyway, an hour later I was outside on the front benches finishing up. I finished at 10:50 am. DD caught this photo of me out front during “The Battle of Hogwart’s.”

Fantastic way to end a series!

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