More Yuku

I figured out the friends thing, and how to reorganize my profile. And I’m good to go!

Back to School

I’ve been so busy with my own school, moving my daughter up to college and the transitions at work that shopping has been the last thing on my mind. My boys didn’t bring it up and then last night as we’re getting everything ready, it hits me that I haven’t even thought about back to school clothes. My wonderful husband tells me don’t worry, they both have clean shirts and jeans that fit (although calling the pair that the 13 year old is wearing a pair that fits is cutting it close, Mississippi in Katrina wasn’t as high and I do believe this will be the second time he’s worn them. Too bad the little one isn’t the same shape so that they could be passed down.) I figure we’ll take care of school shopping after we get the supplies that they’ll need. I have class on Tuesday and Thursday so maybe this weekend.
So, does it make me a horrible mother if I didn’t get around to buying my boys new clothes for the first day of school?

Yuku anyone…

So I finally got the migrate to Yuku button on my ezboard profile. And I clicked it and I can’t get anything to work.
I spent 2 hours on it last night. I got my skin changed but it tells me my name is invalid so it won’t let me change my profile. I couldn’t figure out how to change the avatar.
I’m not smart enough to figure out the self explanatory friends section so Brad Pitt is still there (To remember an 80’s phrase – Gag me!).
I think this is more encouragement to stay off the boards.
Course since it is the 2nd thing to pull up on my name, I probably should have it somewhat working before next Tuesday when I present the word that I own.

A word I own…

In marketing class, we are supposed to describe ourselves with a word that we own. In my communications introduction, I used the word ebullient. However, if you google “Shondratasha,” it is page 4 before I hit the spammers who link to my blog (and just how am I connected to Tony’s Sex vidio? is a vidio anything like a video?). All the others are me. So, it’s definite, I own the word Shondratasha – or Stasha for short.