The WIPocalypse list is complete…for the moment

And this is the plan for the start of the year, I’ll be taking pictures tomorrow… (following the final Carousel Horse update).

So I will be keeping a focus piece which will be whatever is closest to being finished in my WIP list that means the beginning focus piece is  Winter Carousel Horse.

 I wanted to start the year with a quick finish and a new start, so between the 1st and the 8th I’ll be working on these two projects with some time on Winter Carousel horse inbetween.  There is a good chance that I’ll finish IVY tomorrow.
 1/9/12 – – IVY  – Needlepoint (original design) started in 1998, Segment from Main Street: Crafter’s Paradise in Just Cross Stitch
After I post on the 9th, I will be starting on the next project and the pattern will continue from that point. The date you see will be the date progress on that piece will be posted.
        • 2/7/12 Fire Dance – Enchanted Lair, started Sept 2004, 57% completed
        • 3/8/12 Fairy Tale Sampler –  Dragon Dreams (2nd time through), started 11/2003, 12% complete
        • 4/6/12 Autumn Queen – Mirabilia started 7/2004, not sure on the % because I only have the head complete, corresponds with Mirabilia March
        • 5/5/12 Varigated warp weaving project – I will be happy if the loom gets warped for this one.
        • 6/4/12 Autumn Carousel Horse –  Teresa Wentzler started 2/10,  27% complete
        • 7/3/12 Fire and Ice – Black Swan (and if I finish it then the Kustom Kraft one), Black Swan started 12/10, 14% complete, Kustom Krafts started 1/2003, 14% complete
        • 8/1/12 Spring Carousel Horse – Teresa Wentzler, started 1/2011, 23% complete
        • 8/31/12 Dragon Doorstop – Dragon Dreams, painted canvas, started 2006, 15% complete
        • 9/29/12 Summer Carousel Horse – Teresa Wentzer, started 7/2011, 24% complete
        • 10/29/12  Purple Ornament –  Jody painted Canvas, started 11/2006, 36% complete
        • 11/28/12 Christmas Quilts (star and pinwheel) started 4/2005, 31 of 56 blocks complete
        • 12/28/12 Needlepoint Stocking, Purple/Teal – started 11/2008, 15% complete

So, Stasha, I hear you say, what happens if you actually finish a project during the time you are working on it?  (and those who really know me are saying: “Stasha, you actually finish projects? Since when? accompanied by hysterical laughter)

Well it turns out that even during the Year of Carousel Horses I managed to finish 8 things, mostly small (okay, 4 small, 2 medium and 2 framing or finishing).   This year I’m looking to actually wrap up a few large projects which have aged nicely.  So if I do finish something, first there will be more time spent on the focus piece until it’s finished.  Then for every 2 projects completed there is a new start waiting – fully kitted and good to go but if the WIP list is still looking scary, there are other WIP’s ready to sacrifice themselves to fill a slot in the WIPocalypse calendar.  Items like the final applique block for the hand appliqued monster quilt – Mr. Big Mouth, the TW Fruit Bell Pest, Dragon Ride or the oldest WIP on my list Dimensions Embroidered Pegasus kit. So until the WIPocalypse starts tomorrow, there are still a few hours left on the Year of Carousel Horses and the 3rd section of netting on Winter is starting to call really loudly…

The last 3 weeks is really tough….

I only need 7 more hours to finish up the rotation slot on Summer and it’s getting really tough to do it.  Especially as I’m starting to look forward to the WIPocalypse and I’m putting together that list.

I ended up working on IVY for 2 nights since I finally figured out where I was messing up on the border and how to fix it.  Now it’s only 4 sides of Basketweave away from being finished and that’s braindead stitching compared to working on Summer.  Not to mention seeing Main Street in the JCS issue and having DH say, “That would make a great companion piece to Button Vendor.”  Which was also a JCS piece 20 years ago that has hung in my sitting room for years.

So guess what I kitted up over the last three days with the bonus I got from work?

And the Summer pony sits there patiently waiting for the 7 hours which will complete this rotation.  You would think I could do that right?  I think I’ll go work on my Christmas decorations which still aren’t up….

Only one more month left in the year of Carousel Horses…

Here we are at the start of December, a year after the idea to work on my Carousel ponies started percolating.  There is one month left in the year and then comes the WIPocalypse.  So the progress as we come into the last month…


Fall did not get worked on so this is where we were with it last month.

Spring saw enough time in the stand to bring her up to 20 hours of total working time.   Most of that went into backstitching the lattice work.

Winter had another 5 hours worked on it as the focus slot in between the regular 10 hour rotation.

Summer actually saw some time this month as well, only an hour before the end of the month came but it’s on the stand and will see more time before the end of the year.