The last 3 weeks is really tough….

I only need 7 more hours to finish up the rotation slot on Summer and it’s getting really tough to do it.  Especially as I’m starting to look forward to the WIPocalypse and I’m putting together that list.

I ended up working on IVY for 2 nights since I finally figured out where I was messing up on the border and how to fix it.  Now it’s only 4 sides of Basketweave away from being finished and that’s braindead stitching compared to working on Summer.  Not to mention seeing Main Street in the JCS issue and having DH say, “That would make a great companion piece to Button Vendor.”  Which was also a JCS piece 20 years ago that has hung in my sitting room for years.

So guess what I kitted up over the last three days with the bonus I got from work?

And the Summer pony sits there patiently waiting for the 7 hours which will complete this rotation.  You would think I could do that right?  I think I’ll go work on my Christmas decorations which still aren’t up….

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