Been trying to avoid talking about work ….

When I started working, I worked for an incredible woman who taught me that the client mattered more than anything at the office because the client ultimately paid our paychecks. Over the years, the company has moved away from that philosophy and I missed it. I’m now in training with a new employer and I’m loving how the emphasis is on doing the right thing for the customer whether or not it means we’ll get a sale. What’s best for the client is the best thing for the company.

I’m sorry in a way that this is just a temporary job – I wish more company’s thought this way.

Am I at 52 or 46?

So in reviewing the original 100 project challenge, I realized that 6 of my 52 finishes were for quilting projects started after the challenge began. Mind you, they use fabric from stash and the pattern is a freebie Mystery pattern which was only free for a limited time. In addition, the next finish I have will probably be the quilt top on said Mystery. My quilt guild is also starting a new mystery quilt and I’m using stash fabric for that as well (okay, for one I did pick up 3 yards of new fabric to match some of the others I pulled from stash.)

So, since these are projects started after the beginning of the challenge, do I count them when I finish or are they just out in limbo? It seems like all I really feel like working on right now is new stuff. None of the larger older projects are really holding my interest (and seem to strain the eyesight). I’m doing okay with the smaller older stuff just because I can race through it. So, do the new quilts really count toward the challenge? Or should they be posted on a page other than the challenge page on the website?

What would you do?