Can’t believe it finally happened…

I’ve lost a library book. The good thing is I have 6 weeks to locate it since I can renew it 2 times more before I have to show it to the librarians. I can remember checking it out. I remember putting it in my purse, I don’t remember ever getting it out of my purse to read but it’s not in my purse anymore. It’s not with the pile of receipts that I took out of my purse. It’s not with the pile of other stuff that came out of my purse. I don’t remember which purse I was carrying when I put the book in it.
I’m usually pretty good at finding lost things which want to be found. I once located a friend’s car keys from several states away (they were under the center couch cushion). I think this book is just jealous because I didn’t start reading it the moment it came home from the library. I started something else, and then started a series which had poor writing but a great background story line (and the last installment isn’t available until April). So, I’m sure it’s around – it’s just pouting and will pop out just in time to be returned – like “Proust and the Squid” did.

But, if anyone knows where I put “Shakespeare’s Landlord,” please drop me a line and let me know where it’s hiding.

Teaching to the Test

So museum visits by school classes have been dropping so museums have been restructuring so that they too are teaching to the test according to an article on NPR

So what does it say when everything we do in school is teaching to the test. What ever happened to learning to discover or learning for learning’s sake? Experimenting to determine one’s boundaries is more important than rote learning. Children should learn to question in a safe environment but they should learn that questioning is important.

Welcome to the Solstice!!

After today, the days will be getting longer for the next 6 months. For anyone who lives with someone with S.A.D. today is a day of major celebration since it gets better from here on out. As part of today’s celebration, we went for a drive to find some sun. It was cloudy so we had trouble, not even the mountains were above the cloud cover, usually going to a ski resort means finding sun.
I just hope we have sun later this week.

The December Barnes and Noble trip…

Last year the B&N receipt looked like this…

and B&N paid me $74.32 to renew my membership and I paid for my purchase using a loan from my home equity line. This year, they paid me $1.81 and I paid with funds in the checking account.

I’m trying this year to not charge things on credit cards so the budget is a little tighter, I only bought one series of books although I did buy the first volume of a few series that I’ve been wanting to read.

Why is it…

Why is it that after listening to the news lately, I want to grab my copy of Atlas Shrugged and re-read it? Especially the sections where James Taggart goes to Washington with his friends…

Oh well, Who is John Galt?

Okay, it’s been seriously addicting…

So here’s my scroll….I think I’ve gone overboard. One of hatchlings ages in 2.5 hours so I’ll be able to breed some of my dragons. I can’t pick up any eggs until I’m down to 3 hatchlings which will be sometime on Wednesday…

Tribune Bankruptcy

So Zell is having some of his compancies declare bankruptcy and selling off assets except for the Cubs. So does that mean that the Cubs are making money or is it an ego thing?
I have to admit that I have some ego property and even when things are tight, I haven’t thought of selling them off. Okay, well the thought has crossed my mind but I just haven’t had the heart to really put Grandpa’s Mustang up on eBay or Craig’s List.
I did put feelers out to the family but in such a way that no one thought I was serious.

I can see the Cubs being a profitable franchise. I haven’t looked up their financial history however with my hubby asking for a Cubs hat as his main Christmas present, I have to think there are other non-sports fans who have a tie to the Cubs. It’s that eternal underdog that wins them over, at least it is in our house.

Don’t worry though, after Zell is gone, the Cubbies will win the pennant.

To continue that great feeling…

I went to grab some groceries and a gallon of milk was down to $1.85 and $.99 bread is back. Unfortunately eggs are still above $1.18 and peanut butter is still up. It did feel really good to walk out of the store with 3 loaves of bread, 2 gallons of milk, a dozen donuts and a bottle of Chinese hot mustard for under $15.

Well that’s a great feeling…

Just filled my gas tank for $35.00 makes a great change from $107.00, too bad these prices are too good to last.

What kind of books are you buying anyway?

It used to be if I needed new fluff, I could cruise the new releases aisle at the library, look at the spines, and grab the first 2 or 3 Regency Historical titles I found. Today, I had to look long and hard for a Regency. The majority of titles were Paranormal Romance or Supernatural Romance and in 2nd place was Inspirational Romance.

So, y’all must be reading about “Angels” or “Demons” when it comes to fluff!