Saving things for later is another form of procrastination

For Mothers Day my husband gave me a gift basket which included a bath bomb.  I had never had a bath bomb before but it looked like a larger version of the bath cubes I used to have which took forever to dissolve.  In my mind, I planned to save it for later.  Save it for a time when I would take a really long soak.  

Today I finished a fantastic leadership/public speaking course called leadership from the heart.  My feet were sore, my voice was shot, I was physically drained and still on an emotional high.  I realized this would be the perfect time for that long soak in the tub.  I turned on the water and dropped the bath bomb in.

It was a bomb, alright! There was a plop and a POP!  The bath bomb exploded and the scent of wildflowers filled the room. 

I realized that I had mistaken what the gift really was.  I had preconceived notions which limited my desire to use it.  I thought it was going to fizz and take a long time to dissolve.  Instead, it was quick and because I was not mindful in the moment of it’s use, I missed seeing it explode, I heard it and saw/smelled the result. 

Since I was still in that coachable mindset, I saw the parallels.  How many times have I procrastinated things thinking that they would be long, arduous processes?  What if that was incorrect thinking?  What if things things I’ve been thinking are big hairy monsters are actually cute little puppies run through my scary filter? How many times have I missed things because I was not fully present in the moment? 

Even worse, how many times have I judged people from things in my past experience instead of who they are really?  How many times have I stopped seeking to understand based on something they said or did that triggered me?  And turning that around, how many times have others stopped listening to me because they judged me?  

To end on a lighter note, I will definitely be getting more bath bombs and using them frequently. 

Thinking about new starts and why they don’t appeal…

So I’ve finished 2 medium/big projects lately and in the past that would be the reason to start something else. I have several projects which are kitted up and ready to be started. Sentinel which I bought when I went to CATS in Nashville, Mirabilia’s Spring Queen which I kitted up as a Christmas present to myself several years ago (and gave to myself a 2nd time when I needed to use the money my parents gave me for the kid’s Christmas presents).
I have Maggie the Messmaker which was given to me as a gift, and Glendon Place’s Sleepy Hollow. There are several small pieces too but these are the ones I think about the most.

However, although I would normally be jonesing for a new start, right now, I’m more anxious to work on Autumn Queen which I haven’t touched in 8 years. (I tell you 2004 was a good year for starts and not one for finishes). I did actually get 30 minutes in on her the other night. I have about one more day of contract work and then I’ll be able to concentrate on her.

I actually got both Sentinel and Sleepy Hollow out the other night after I finished Fire Dancer and I looked at them and thought – I really didn’t schedule any new starts into the WIPocalypse plan. Okay, well I did put Sentinel into an alternate slot but I also have 2 other pieces in the alternate slots ahead of that one.

There’s a part of me which wonders what’s wrong with me since I really don’t want to start anything new. DH says it’s the feeling of having too much on my plate and it will go away once I get a few more things completed (like my WIPocalypse list). Either that or when I get to the point where all I have left is Teresa Wentzler WIPS, I’ll start something simple just to have a break between pieces.

I can see his point but there’s a part of me which wonders if I’m losing the passion.