Okay, I succumbed, they’re just so cute…

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

So Click on my eggs and help my dragons hatch….

On revitalizing your workplace…

An employee joins an organization for a “why is this important?” they stay for the “Who I am working with?”, but when the “What I am doing?” goes off track then the “Who” doesn’t matter and the “Why” becomes “Why am I here?”

Ignore the Why and focus on What?
What invigorates me?
What excites me?
What drains me?

The Why will follow when you solve the What.

Yep, my boy is a football player…

So today during practice before the game, DS#2 broke his finger. He didn’t tell the coach because he was afraid that they would pull him from the game and wouldn’t let him play. Luckily this is the last game of the season. He’ll have his finger immobilized for 3 weeks.

Don’t know where I got that idea…

I had this funny belief that family would watch your back. If there was anyone who would watch out for your interests and be honest with you it would be family. Silly me, what was I thinking? I made the basic mistake of forgetting that business comes before family and money is thicker than blood – at least in my case.
So today I’m stuck pretending that I knew about a “family” decision before October 16, 2008 which is 3 days after the fact – after everything was final. At least this time, there weren’t any promises made for them to break. But as always, I’m getting the shaft.

Football game….

So my boy has made it back to the 1st string of the offensive line and when the team needs more power on the defensive line, they call him in. Today I saw him open his arms and and take down 3 other boys in one defensive play.

I knew it was coming….

People I work with are mixing up Sarah Palin and Tina Fey.

I have a problem

I’m a procrastinator. I can always manage to find something to do other than the projects I need to do and they always seem important. I need to find the power of my positive no’s.

Some of my procrastination has to do with the number of balls I juggle.

Lately though I’ve been procrastinating going to sleep. I’m sure that it’s contributing to my short temper. The funny thing is I have no trouble sleeping on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s a good thing that I work quite well on little sleep.

I’ve been procrastinating cleaning the house.
I’m procrastinating some online classes that I need to take.
I’m procrastinating some crucial conversations too.

Working back to the starting line…

So my boy got downgraded to special teams…and decided he didn’t like it. He decided he wanted to get back to starting defense. He’s been working his guts out in practice this week and he’s been told he can start both offense and defense if he keeps this up.