Thinking for the new year

So Facebook just reminded me that in 2016 I posted about what a great year it had been. I remember doing a similar post about 2020 not being 100% horrible. Then I started thinking about this year.

I can’t say that 2021 was a really great year. I think in will be one that just fades to nothing in my memory but if I had to pick out a few highlights.

1. I have stitched every single day of the year with the low point being a day I put in 8 stitches total for the day.

2. FanX occurred and I volunteered and met a new agent I had never worked with before. It was so good to see my FanX family but it sure felt like way too many people to be around.

3. My parents were able to come home from Finland

4. We were able to hold the reception for my kids who got married last year.

5. The temples re-opened and I’ve been to the temple several times

6. I have a Covid vaccine and booster.

7. I have season opera tickets and have been to the opera this year.

8. I met some great recruiters and signed an intent to start work as a full time employee ending my 2 years as a contractor.

9. My 2020 taxes were not as bad as they could have been and they are paid.

10. My kids were all able to come home for Christmas.

My word for 2021 was FLOW and I have flowed with the year.

I also learned that when I am bored, I will find ways to entertain myself and that I should find more productive measures and less time wasters to alleviate boredom. However, I have also learned that my new stress release is to create fiber art or play video games. Fiber arts are fine but no one cares about my Animal Crossing island or where I am on Merge Mansion or how many gardens Lily redecorates. Something with more permanence would be better.

11. I’m starting to have to admit that I’m not as young as I once was as cringe as that is to say it.

So 2021 wasn’t a really productive year. I wasted a lot of time, I didn’t learn as much as I could have but I did what I did and I need to get back to the small habit changes that will lead to big differences in the future. Now where did I file that backlog of things I wanted to accomplish in 2020? I’m thinking that would be a good place to restart.