Stitch from Stash March post

So the month started off with a trip with my friends up to Ogden and Shepherd’s Bush, Needlepoint Joint and a stop at Jill Rensel’s studio where we were lucky enough to find Jill working there.  She had some beautiful pieces…including a painting which was 1/100 and was Elsa from Frozen.

So in my shopping trip, I bought beads for the Mirabilia Queens $6.50, Buttons for my Lizzie Kate “Be Naughty” $5.60, La-D-da’s Something Wicked $8.00  For a total of $20.10.  Considering that I had the $25 for this month and the $22.10 from last month, I think I did pretty well.

As for stitching, I don’t think I’ve put in as many actual stitching hours as I did last month but I finished off 3 items and framed them.  However, two of them were new starts and I also started a Just Nan Filigree Fancies kit – Ivy Heart so the list hasn’t changed.

Maybe next month?