Year of WIPs Update

I missed my first quarter update but, hey, better late than never.

First, Dragon Ride by Teresa Wentzler is finished. This is stitched on 36 count Star Sapphire linen with the Anchor conversion published in the magazine originally. I added a Krenik to the reins and the backstitch may not be as charted because the colors on the chart were confusing so I did what looked good to me. Also, the celtic style border is not stitch and the addition to the tail to remove the border was charted for me by Dette.

Next up is progress on Stars for a New Millenium. I have it on my floor stand. The design is by Anthony Minieri and it’s stitched on 18 count rose canvas. This one is counted canvas work. It’s amazing on the shadow on the left border makes it look black but its the same lavender silk as the right border. This is worked in a variety of fibers. Mainly silk and Krenik.

Third is last year’s Stitch along – Into the Jungle by Frosted Pumpkin stitchery. It’s had a little progress since the first of the year but not much.

I don’t know why the fabric on this always looks grey in photos. It’s a 28 count antique lavender. The pattern this year’s SAL (Stitch Along) from Fuzzy Fox designs. You can see the start of the May monsters in the yellow blog on the right. I’ve done a bit of modification (hey, pattern is just a place to start). Burple is holding a fish charm that I picked up somewhere since it was in my button box. Also Jemima Jugglefish is juggling some buttons. I didn’t have the fuzzy orange for Pinky but I may get some and restitch her before framing if I get hold of some orange Wisper. I also added some eyes to those of Mr. Sprout’s friends who didn’t have them. I was going to add a some green to Mr. Sprout’s head but then it hit me, he sleeps with his feet in the air so the white hairy strings are appropriate unless they are a manifestation of Agrobacterium rhizogenes in which case, it will be interesting to see his transformation.

I was thinking of working on Tempest as I commuted on the train. However, the little bit of work I did on him while down at Stitcher’s Paradise in Las Vegas made me realize that the only way I could work on him on the train was if I took prethreaded needles. Instead, he’s going to be added to the Decision Wheel and go into the regular rotation. I’m using my commute time for some new starts from Armada designs. Tempest here is designed by Teresa Wentzler and was a freebie until she stopped selling her dragons. The color conversion was done by a good friend who started him and then gave up her stitching stash as her eyesight deteriorated.

And the final update for my Year of Wips work is Class Schedule. I have completed the Herbology block but haven’t really moved to any more of the classes. The borders and lettering are silks from Jo Mason Silks. The fabric is from Picture this Plus. We’ll see how this month moves as my Maynia goal is to put in at least one thread a day in at least one project besides my commuting piece.

So this is what I accomplished in the first quarter of the year along with looking for and finding a new job, starting same new job, finding and meeting lots of hubby’s bio family (thanks to winning 2 Ancestry DNA kits) which has been absolutely amazing, feeling guilty about not coaching or working on my book, working on the board planning for DevOps Days SLC (which is in 2 weeks), giving my first public speech at a tech conference, participating in the year of not resorting to fast food or eating out when things get busy (see Black Forge Kitchen), getting back to walking 10,000 steps per day (but haven’t made it back to the gym or yoga classes), and trying to connect more with hubby and kids while taking care of church callings (luckily related to geneaology) and the house.

So it doesn’t look like I did a lot of stitching but there was a ton of other stuff going on.

Stitch May-nia results as of May 22

There is still one week of my May-nia left for this year but This is what I’ve accomplished: AutumnQueen2016
Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen 4.5 hours close to 1000 stitches
Overdyed Dragon
OverDyed Dragon by Dragon Dreams 2.75 hours
Dr. Who Quilt 1.5 hours
Fruit Bellpull by Theresa Wentzler 1.5 hours
Something Wicked by La-D-Da
Fortunate Traveller by Theresa Wenztler 1.25 hours stitching 1 hour sorting pattern
Reflections of TidePools by Ro Pace – 2 hours
Fall Carousel
Fall Carousel Horse by Theresa Wentzler 1 hour
Not pictured
Anniversary Roses by Lauren Sauer
Bucilla Purse Kit from 1943
Final picture –
Mardi Gras Quilt I’m working on…20160522_194808

For more information on my new stitching process – check out my new blog – Agile Crafter


Discovered Stitch Maynia

It’s been awhile since I had a stitch in.  After all it’s more fun to stitch when you have people to talk with at the house.  Carleen came over and we had a stitch night and while she was here she introduced me to FlossTube and told me about the Stitch Maynia Facebook group.  Facebook isn’t the Yuku so things get lost easily but I’m really enjoying it so far especially the Flosstubes. (It was smart to show me Annette’s Acres first.)

One of the events on the page is Stitch May-nia – generally this is 15 starts in 15 days but I figure my justification for WIP’s only is I’m starting stitching on my own projects for this year and some of these WIPs are so old they might as well be new starts since I haven’t looked at them in years. I figure 2 days on each will still be a lot more progress than they’ve had in a lot of time. 

I’ve picked 15 WIPs to work on during the month.  I figure 2 days for each piece. Here’s the list:

  1. Autumn Queen – Mirabilia
  2. Overdyed Dragon – Dragon Dreams
  3. Dr. Who Quilt – Fandom in Stitches
  4. Fall Carousel Horse – Teresa Wentzler
  5. Fruit Bell Pull – Teresa Wentzler
  6. Fortunate Traveller – Teresa Wentzler – This might as well be a new start considering how long it’s been since I worked on it.
  7. TidePools – Ro Pace
  8. Anniversary Rose Sampler – Lauren Sauer
  9. Needlepoint Purse Kit from Mama’s Sewing room – Bucilla
  10. Sentinel – Fire Wing Designs
  11. Dragon Ride – Teresa Wentzler
  12. Crafter’s Paradise – Just CrossStitch Magazine
  13. Pegasus  – Dimensions Embroidery Kit
  14. Spring Carousel Horse – Teresa Wentzler
  15. Summer Carousel Horse – Teresa Wentzler

I figure that even one thread over 2 days will be more stitching time than many of these have seen in years and it fits in with this year’s theme of finishing things.   The one caveat for my joining is I need to finish the final Believe before May starts.

Wow that time flew by!

My goal this year was to keep up with participating in WIPocalypse and Stitch from Stash.  I haven’t posted since August.
However I have been stitching.  I finished Fire and Ice.


And I let the kids pick out what I should work on next.  They gave me logical reasons to work on a quilt or a needlepoint piece.  We ended up selecting Memories of Tidepools by Ro Pace and I’ve done quite a bit on it this month.


The way the pattern works as soon as I finish this corner, I am to rotate the canvas so I have a new blank corner to work on. If I made more stitching time by eliminating playing on the computer, then I could finish this by the end of the year.
And that is the stitching update.  Personally, I have picked up a case of the winter blues.  I really don’t want to decorate for Christmas. I really don’t care to even think about Christmas shopping. It’s a good thing the kids gave me links to what they want and I can do it all online. Anyone want to do the wrapping for me?

Wipocalypse Check in for May

What designs do you wish you could find?  Actually there isn’t anything really missing in my stash.  I have a few items on my wish list but I can’t think of anything that is burning in my head screaming “Why can’t you find me?” Okay maybe a beagle picture I can customize but I’m sure I could find one if I actually hit Google.

If I’m 100% honest with myself there haven’t been any designs in several years that I had to run out and buy except Persephone and Cassiopeia from Mirabilia and Christmas Quilt from Emie Bishop.
At this point in my stitching experience if I really wanted a design I couldn’t find, I would create it.

So what did I work on this month?

Well, I went up quite a few levels in Candy Crush Dreamworld, still stuck on Candy Crush level 500,  lots of levels  in Pet Rescue, and 4 scenarios in Gems Journey.  I ran out of black floss for my needlepoint purse.  And I did get work done on my TW Fruit Bellpull although it doesn’t look like much.   As the weather warms up, I may put a quilt up on a frame outside. Then I may have something finished to show off next month.

The January stitching budget report

So here is my report for the Stitch from Stash contest.

Earlier this month, I did hit the JoAnn’s floss sale and bought the floss for my Winter and Summer Queens.  I loved the sale price and then having a 10% off coupon on top brought it down to .27 a skein which used to be the sale price for Anchor floss or equal to 2 cents more than the standard DMC price when I first started buying my own floss. But I just got all the floss for my two queens for under $14.  I seriously looked at buying a new scroll rod set so I could start them immediately but then I realized it would put me over the $25 for the month and I have so many pieces I could work on before I need to have a new start.  Besides, if I finish my Autumn Queen then I could just use that scroll frame for the new queen. And the more I think about her, the more she starts screaming at me, so guess who just dropped into the screaming slot in my rotation?

So what did I do with my remaining budget money? Well, I’m a volunteer for the Salt Lake ComicCon FanXperience and I was asked to come in for the George Takei event. I’ve been thinking about what I could do with signatures from most of the Star Trek NextGen cast who will be coming in April …

Well, I in the fall, I had Simon Fisher-Becker Sign the Tardis block for my Dr. Who Quilt so, why not a Star Trek Quilt? So I bought 4 fat quarters of a fun fabric which cost $2 more than if I had bought a yard of it but the bolt was gone and all they had was the fat quarters. It’s a good thing we can round down. Since my total for the month is $25.14 – which rounds down to $25.00
Oh, and here is my first signature for the quilt.

George Takei Signature

As for what I did from Stash this month?
I worked on the oldest WIP in my possession. You can read the history of this purse from my Grandmother’s sewing room here. It’s not 100% finished but the front canvas is done.

Front Piece of Petit Point Purse

Carol offered to mail me a piece of 14 count canvas so I can do the back in basketweave. That just leaves me the side piece and so I don’t run out of thread, I’m going to use Black DMC from my stash. So if this were your project, would you do a plain black basketweave back or graph out a matching pattern and use 8 strands of DMC to replicate the 8 strands of cotton floss used on the front?
DH suggested doing a gold/brown fleur-de-lis but I’m thinking something along the lines of just the brown/gold pattern on the front of the purse… suggestions are welcome.

I also finished 4 of the ornaments on my Fuppy list and you can read that report here. and I framed my Celtic Steps 40 ct linen gauze. So all in all a productive month.  I’m currently working on my TW Fruit Bell Pull and piecing my Dr. Who quilt.  The Olympics are coming up and I plan to do quite a bit of stitching while watching them.

And the best part my total projects is under 60 for the first time since 2003. WIPs – 33
FUPpies – 25 (of which I can do 10 myself) It’s a good thing finishing doesn’t count toward the stash budget.

First Full moon of the year….Topic – Introduce yourself!

Steps up to the mike…taps…
Hi, my name is Stasha and I suffer from Completion Anxiety. At the top of the blog, you’ll see the navigation to go to my Stitch from Stash/Wipocalypse/WIP/UFO page showing the initial status of all my started projects or things I’ve committed to do. On January 1st, I completed the Homespun Elegance Majestic Bird pattern that I’ve committed to make into an ornament. Then over the last weekend, I finished one of the sock monkey ornaments that I’ve had in my FUPPY pile for over 2 years. But this month I’ve been concentrating on one of my 3 oldest WIPs. A Petit point purse from my Grandmother’s sewing room. I figure that it’s a 60+ year old WIP.

Progress as of 15/Jan/2014

Progress as of 15/Jan/2014

The back is missing from the kit but Carol offered to send me 14 ct canvas to make a back. So now I’m hoping I have enough 8 strand cotton floss to finish the entire thing. I will admit though that I am ready to move on to the next slot on my rotation which will be my TW FruitBell pull that I started sometime in the 1990’s.

The big goal this year is to have more finishes than starts and to finish more older pieces than new pieces.

First Wednesday WIP for 2014

So I got off to a great start for my stitching this year.  I’ve done something every day this year which is a new record.  On New Year’s Day, I finished off an ornament which I have promised to make for a neighbor as part of a service auction.


This is Homespun Elegance’s Majestic Bird from the Just CrossStitch Christmas ornament edition.  After finishing this, I started working on probably the oldest WIP in my stash.

This was in my grandma’s sewing room when my aunt and I cleaned it out.  From the paperwork with it, the kit was first published in 1943 and from the price of $6.95 was probably purchased toward the end of the 40’s or start of the 50’s.  If she started it as soon as she bought it which was her habit, then it would mean, in all likelihood, this WIP is a good 15 years older than I am.

Now the kit should include (according to the paperwork) the brass hardware, the lining, the front, back and side petit point canvases and instructions.  I have everything but the canvas for the back.  I called Plaid which acquired Bucilla in the 1990’s and their suggestion was to buy a 14 count canvas to replace the back piece.  My husband’s suggestion was to buy a piece of black satin and use that for the back.  He’s worried that I will lose interest in it before finishing all three pieces and I can see his concern.  I’m at 6 hours of work now and starting to want it finished.Image

But then, this is what it looks like right now….and I really think I could finish the frontispiece in the 4 hours I have left in this rotation slot which makes it highly unlikely that I’m going to want to mark a piece of canvas and tent stitch the whole thing in black, it’s going to be boring enough doing the center band.  I own black velvet in my stash so all I would need would be some interfacing to stiffen it up so that it would work around the lining pieces.

So this is where I am right now. So just out of curiosity, if you had this piece – how would you do it?  Would you do the whole thing in needlepoint?  Would you just finish the frontispiece and do either a satin or velvet back?  if you did a different back would you do the petit point side piece or just do that in the same material as the back so as to highlight the petit point piece?   We’ll see how I feel after 4 more hours…

The Stitching Year in Review (a few weeks early)

This year was supposed to be a year of every WIP gets love. Well it didn’t happen because I fell in love with some of my older WIPs and life happened. Zions disbanded my department and I had to find a new job. I did end up as a government statistic since I did file an unemployment claim but I found my job with NCR and started before I reached the end of my waiting period – so no sucking at the government teat for me this year…
And if that didn’t throw me off my stitching stride, I got sucked into Candy Crush Saga. I’m on Level 451 and I haven’t paid anything to move up. I’ve also completed all the available levels for the Opus Owl saga stuff too. And now I’ve added pet rescue and I’m stuck on level 42.

I did get some stitching done this year though…most of it was blocks for my Dr. Who quilt. I made a quilt for my cousin’s son Roman, I stitched a beta test piece for Napa Needlework and Lizzie Kate’s “If the Broom Fits.” But new starts weren’t the only things I did. I completed a couple of my older pieces – Celtic Steps from the Nashville CATS show, quilting the Christmas stocking piece from when I took a quilt of the month course one year, and I finished the instructions for the Pink and Teal Nine Patch quilt that I started in 2009.

But the goal was to work on older pieces and it sounds like all I did was the new starts. However, I did work on my Blackwork Dragon (started Nov 2010), Fire and Ice (Jan 2003), Autumn Carousel Horse (Feb 2010), and I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my Fruit Bellpull. I’ve almost completed the apple block which had seen any work since maybe 2000? I started it in 1997 and the last time I remember working on it, I was in Montoursville, PA. I think I sent it out as part of a UFO round robin but that would have been prior to 2005. Anyway, I have really enjoyed working on it and want to finish up the Apples block before putting it away.

I was thinking about keeping with the Every WIP gets love list but I want to pull everything out and take a before picture at the start of the year so I know exactly where I’m at when I start to work on them. On top of that and to help motivate me, I found the Epic Stitching: Stitch from Stash group. Now I know I’m a binge shopper and can go for months without buying anything and then I’ll blow more money than I should. I like the idea of having a limit for the year and having to build up to what I spend. Besides, I should have everything I need to finish up my WIPS.


This should work as a button to take you to the link for the contest for the year. I have to admit that right now, I’m trying to hunt down the stuff to make the Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Cupcake but if I don’t find it soon, I’m going to give up and put it on the wish list for when the leaflet and the embellishment pack come out in the fall.

Let’s face it with 35 WIPS and 30 Fuppys (finished unfinished projects), I’m still at over 60 projects to complete (8 of those are quilt tops that need to be quilted and 5 of them are Olympic pieces where I wanted to find round frames in the colors of the Olympic rings.)

So coming up before the new year, I would like to post pictures of the 35 WIP’s and the 2 starts from Lizzie Kate which I want to have framed by next Christmas. If I’m lucky, I may even finish something before the new year starts.

Remember that Lost purple ornament?

Remember when I talked about how my Local Needlepoint Shop lost my ornament found it and offered to do the finishing free?

Well all during December and January I call and left messages asking if my ornament were finished and kept hearing that “No, it’s not here.”  Well, in April I went in person to the shop and asked the shop owner if my ornament was ever coming back from the finisher.  She went over to her ornament display and picked it off the tree and said, “Oh it came back in November, I wondered why you didn’t come pick it up.”

I am proud of myself for not screaming at her.  Instead, I used my store credit to get a piece of canvas for a beta stitching project that I’m working on – pictures to follow.

However, I now have no reason to ever set foot in that shop again unless I’m really desperate for a fiber I can’t find anywhere else and it’s during their sporadic business hours.  However, I’ll probably do better asking 123 Stitch if I can’t come over and do an emergency pickup.