CSI Season 7

I love the inside cover for Season 7 – It’s Abbey Road and Grissom is the barefoot one.

And what did you do on Christmas?

Here’s to the first Christmas spent in the ER! DH slipped on the ice as we were leaving to my parents house. When I got out there, he was still on the ground and his toes were not facing the correct direction. True to form, the first doctor and all the nurses ended up trooping through his room because it seems an ankle dislocation without fracture is fairly rare. It’s become almost comical when we go to the ER. The first time I ever took my DH to the ER they wanted him to sign a release so that they could use his x-rays for training radiologists to locate new fractures when there are a lot of old ones on the film.
Anyway, he is non-weight bearing for the next 3 weeks. It’s a good thing that we got the expansion packs for Killer Bunnies so we have something to do for New Year’s Eve. Right now, he’s on the couch going through the Christmas movies…

And I did it again…

That’s right we’re down to a few days before Christmas and I don’t have pajamas for the kids. I also don’t have presents to put under the grandparents tree. We still don’t have a Christmas tree (hey, they’ll be free in 2 days!) but everything thing is wrapped and ready to put under the tree. Still don’t have anything for my mom and absolutely no clue on what to get her either.

Twas the week before Christmas…

and all through the house, the boxes were sitting still packed by the spouse…

Yes, none of the decorating has been done, it’s not that I’m feeling Scroogy – I’ve just been tired and out of town. I’ll work on getting it all put up this week. I just wonder if DH will mind leaving it up during January to make up for not having it up in November and December.

The Golden Compass Controversy

So, I’m not going to republish the entire blog entry on this blog but if you want my opinion on the Golden Compass book (actually on the His Dark Materials trilogy) it’s published here.

Another Hobby that I don’t need to pick up…

This is the most amazing miniature house that I have seen in ages.

My dad bought me a house to do once but I’m too glue stick impaired to do much more than make a real mess of it.

Thanks to Whizgidget for the Quiz…

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life – a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Well, 1134 miles later…

and I’m home from CA.

I’ve finished Sense and Sensibility and I’m wondering if any of the other Jane Austen books are any better. Willoughby is a cad but he’s the only one who really ended up punished. I’m still not convinced that Col. Brandon is a good guy but he did take the silly, stupid Marianne in hand after he had destroyed all her other chances.

I will admit that it took me awhile to realize that the real title should have been Logic and Emotion – but that was me being slow. At least I can say, I’ve struggled through a Jane Austen novel.

I also started Good Omens by Gaiman and Pratchett and that was much better.

I really enjoyed meeting with a lot of the stitchers this trip and had a great time with all – and I learned about 2 new games and found some great new restaurants.

I also arrived at the Sacramento Airport 10 minutes after the other flight choice I had available. So it turns out that the 8:40 pm flight arriving at 2 am was the correct choice.

I did have a really interesting experience, we toured the Winchester Mystery House and then drove to Sonora where the hotel had an old fashioned elevator just like the one that doesn’t work in the Winchester House. Walking down the sloped hall toward the room, we looked at the pictures of horse drawn wagons around the building which still looked the same today and the air got colder the farther we got from the lobby. The room was ice cold and in the frosted window was a room unit which DH immediately turned to low heat (blows slower but hotter) and we got to hear it start going ka-chunk, ka-chunk. The bathroom had a beautiful mosiac tile, again ice cold, and turning on the hot water tap (yes, hot and cold taps just like in the old days) resulted in ice cold water (I was having nightmares about the shower in the morning). The heater was so loud that we decided to step out for awhile hoping that it would be warmer when we got back. But there was nothing open at 10 pm but it was a nice drive and we found where the meeting would be in the morning. The room was still ice cold when we got back so it was under the covers quickly in order to find that where we had down comforters at the Holiday Inn, here in the renovated Victoria Hotel run by Days Inn, we had a light polyester blanket and a bedspread, neither provided much warmth and the loud ka-chunk, ka-chunk, of the heater made it hard to fall asleep. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best night’s sleep.