So what are you doing for Lent?

I’ve been seriously considering giving up whining and complaining. After all it isn’t productive, it doesn’t make me feel any better and makes those around me feel worse. Besides, it’s the first step to giving up victimhood and martyrdom.

So, Millionaire next door or poser?

The Rich are Rude

Funny that goes against what The Millionaire Next Door found. Are they sure they have the truly rich or the posing as rich?

Gotta love a Quilting Bee…

even and impromptu one. One of my neighbors came over to help work on a quilt that I’ve had up for ages. In the time I did one band, she did four. She wants to come over and help next week too. With her help, I could have this done in 2 weeks, except for the binding. I’ve had the quilt set up for months and worked on it a few stitches at a time every time I passed it in the hall, it’s slow progress but it’s still progress.

Economic Situation…

Am I the only one who finds it interesting that the day after the stimulus package passed Yahoo had 2 stories with positive economic news?

I’m still wrapping my head around the concept of this was the best increase in 14 months but still 18% lower than last January. I think I’m missing a change of measurement because I’m missing how the best in 14 months can still be lower than 12 months ago.

Re-reading the article the percentage increase in sales between December and January is the highest in 14 months but the total sales are still 18% under last January.

Why am I reminded of the hot dog man story that a sales exec used to carry in her wallet? To summarize: A man sold hot dogs on the side of a busy road. He put up signs and soon earned enough to send his son to college. Business continued to be brisk and the man put together the plans to expand his current location and franchise the name and recipes to other cities. Then his son came home from college and laughed at him because the news said there was a recession. So the man canceled his franchise plans, rejected the contractors bids and stopped putting his signs up by the road. Shortly thereafter he was out of business and agreed with his son about the horrible recession.

I realize that the hot dog story is extremely simple but I’m seeing sales people preach doom and gloom and then wondering why they aren’t closing the sale.

There is hope out there, Mary Kay used to say that when times are tough, sell hope and lipstick. After all, every woman needs a little hope and a little something which makes her feel better about herself may be all the hope she needs today.

As if the Superbowl wasn’t exciting enough…

The news reports that Roethlisberger played Super Bowl with fractured ribs

Too bad more employees aren’t willing to work through the pain whether physical or emotional.

Well I’m not crazy!!

In June of 2007, a semi-truck dropped part of his load on the freeway in front of me, I ended up in a spin. Ever since the accident, my hip and thigh have hurt and the gait compensation to alleviate the pain has caused issues with my knee (right side, the one which was on the brake). The doctor (and the trucks insurance) kept telling me that soft tissue injuries should have healed by now. I was beginning to think I was going nuts because the pain just didn’t go away.

Well I had an MRI just a few weeks ago and they found a hip labral tear. Despite having been in the industry for ages I didn’t know that the labrum was cartilage. Can I tell you what a relief it is to have a diagnosis? Anyway it’s back to physical therapy for me – standard treatment for a labral tear is exactly what I’ve been doing, physical therapy, Nsaids, Cortisone shots and as a last resort surgery.

I’m still not sure about surgery since in my experience, I usually hurt more after the surgery than I did before.