And what did you do on Christmas?

Here’s to the first Christmas spent in the ER! DH slipped on the ice as we were leaving to my parents house. When I got out there, he was still on the ground and his toes were not facing the correct direction. True to form, the first doctor and all the nurses ended up trooping through his room because it seems an ankle dislocation without fracture is fairly rare. It’s become almost comical when we go to the ER. The first time I ever took my DH to the ER they wanted him to sign a release so that they could use his x-rays for training radiologists to locate new fractures when there are a lot of old ones on the film.
Anyway, he is non-weight bearing for the next 3 weeks. It’s a good thing that we got the expansion packs for Killer Bunnies so we have something to do for New Year’s Eve. Right now, he’s on the couch going through the Christmas movies…

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  1. Arthemise

     /  December 26, 2007

    Oh no! I broke a toe last Thanksgiving, and it was no fun sitting in the ER for four hours. I hope he recovers quickly.


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