>When I was little, my Grandma always had a jigsaw puzzle on the table. Opening a new box of puzzle pieces usually has a familiar scent but not this one. There was no paper dust or fresh glue scent on this one. My son gave me a collection of 10 Thomas Kinkade puzzles for Christmas and I’ve been meaning to work on them. Today’s Daily Challenge was to spend 5 minutes working on a puzzle of some sort. I opened the Kinkade box and this is what I found. None of the bags is labeled with the puzzle it contains. It’s easy to tell which are the 2 100 piece puzzles. The other eight bags are all the same size. I’ve been able to use weight to determine which are the 300 piece puzzles and which are the 500 piece puzzles.

As for determining which bag is which puzzle, it’s just a matter of taking them out and turning the pieces. Once the corners are located it’s pretty easy to see which puzzle it matches up with. When I put them away, they’ll be labeled a lot better. In the meantime, I’m having fun not only putting together the pieces, but puzzling out which is which puzzle.