That was quick…

Can you believe that 2009 is half over?

This year has just raced by. I’m supposed to be at the halfway point for my 100 project challenge and unless I buckle down over the next 2 days, it’s not going to happen. Actually, checking over the list, I’m only about 4 projects short from the 50 that I should have completed. So there is the possibility that I could make it after all. I have 2 months of the Mystery Quilt blocks that I could complete and there would be my 4 projects. I could do this after all….

Tech can be so amazing….

So my husband call from Balboa beach, he needs an optometrist as close to the beach as possible and hopefully one that can do glasses in an hour. I find 2 and according to the band teacher, my DH pulls off a miracle getting a kid with 2800 vision replacement glasses for the pair he lost in the ocean. He’s a pre-teen, no functioning brain (in between the baby brain and the permanent one), so no it didn’t occur to him that his glasses might come off in the waves.

I wish I could have seen DH wearing swim trunks and flip-flops, running down Newport Blvd, trying to catch a bus to the optometrist.