April Stitch from Stash Check In

Business First

Month: April

Spent: 7.50

Earned: $24.00 – 2 pieces the first worth $16 and the 2nd worth $8

So I was over budget by 4.91 last month which meant I didn’t have the normal budget to spend this month.  I was limited to what I earned after I paid back my overage.  Early on in the month, I finished an original design sampler meant to teach specialty stitches, being mainly specialty stitches It counted double (plus I should get designer credit)

EGA Green and White Sampler

And the rest of the month, I worked on finishing The Raven by La-D-Da using Fibers to Dye For and stitched on Silkweaver’s Parkland and tonight I finished it.


I started this for my son, Light.  I have 2 other La-D-Da pieces for the other children but I won’t be starting those for a bit.  The 7.50 I spent was for the missing fibers and beads I needed to start Christmas Elf by Mirabilia/Nora Corbett and I started her and she’s now my travel piece.  Finishing The Raven means that this rotation slot is done and it’s back to a TW piece – and up on the frame is Spring Carousel Horse.


Let’s see what 10 hours on this will produce….

Wipocalypse April check in

So the topic for Wipocalypse this month is which stitches to you dread and what do you like?

About the only stitch I dread is bullion knots I just can’t get the tension right and they look like sad worms….  As for stitches I like, I enjoy Queen stitches.  I know other people hate them but I find them easy. I haven’t really understood why people find them so hard, for the longest time I thought I must be doing them wrong.  Several  years ago though I had a conversation with a designer who enjoys Queen stitches too and she said I was doing them correctly.  So I don’t understand the fuss.

For a background stitch on Needlepoint canvases, I usually fall back on Queen Anne’s Lace, often referred to as a T stitch. It’s a simple filler stitch that works up quickly.

If you want pictures of what I did this month, check out the blog entry before this one.  I’ve done 2 rotation slots in a short period of time and I’m progressing on The Raven too.   Pictures of that to come next Wednesday. Hopefully it will be finished by then or at least close to being done.

One finished rotation slot…

April 2014 rotation completed

April 2014 rotation completed

And on to the next Theresa Wentzler design on the rotation list – Spring Carousel Horse.

But the rotation list does say that I should work on something in between the TW designs and I went over budget by 4.91 in my stitch from stash challenge. If I finish some pieces then I can earn back the 4.91 and be back on track. I’ve finished one piece – a sampler I designed from a stitch sheet we got in EGA last month and using threads given from the EGA teacher.

EGA Green and White Sampler

This is the sampler… it’s 67×68 and mainly specialty stitches which equates to a credit of $16.  That makes up my deficit and covers the 7.50 in beads and Krenik I need to finish kitting up Mirabilia’s Christmas elf.  However, just to be on the safe side, I would like to finish up one more piece and the only small piece I have which is close to being finished is The Raven by La-D-Da.


I started this one a few years ago for my middle child and it’s been my travel piece but I want to have Christmas Elf as my travel piece so Raven needs to be finished. I should be able to finish it in under 10 hours it’s only 161 x 64 and I’ve done about one out of the 6 rows of blocks.  I can get this finished this month, right?