March Wipocalypse post

Question of the Month: Have you ever adopted a piece from someone else or gave up a piece to someone else? Which piece and why?

The world has changed and I have time to stitch and blog and hey, why not go back to the Wipocalypse?

So the question for this month is about adopting a WIP – I have several I’ve adopted when friends lost the ability or desire to stitch and I’ve given one to someone else to ghost stitch. This is Oh Christmas Tree that I’ve given to Carleen to stitch because I seem to be blocked when it comes to working on it.

As for pieces I’ve adopted, I actually have several in my current rotation that are adopted from Erica Gonzalez when she stopped stitching. Tempest is an adopted piece.

This is the first of Erica’s adopted pieces that I actually finished.

There are older adopted pieces from other sources that I’ve finished but I’m not willing to go search for any more pictures since it’s been years since I finished those. Most are because the original person stopped stitching and the patterns were on my want to stitch list.

I thought I had a picture of Erica’s Noah’s Sub in my wordpress gallery but I’m not finding it. That is the next new start in my rotation list but who knows when I will get to it. I keep saying I will finish 2 pieces before starting new things but I’ve started lots of new things without finishing anything. Like the Magical Mystery tour.

Now I’m off to update my planner because it hit me I don’t think I’ve put my last two starts into the spreadsheet.

A cleansing ritual between jobs.

Last April I started a job on the day my severance package ran out. The interview had been promising and I liked all the people I met. Two months in however I was frustrated and couldn’t put a finger on why.

The new boss turned out to be a micromanager and I always read disdain in his manner during our 1:1 conversations. My team had no cohesion and talked behind each other’s backs instead of to each other. I tried to avoid falling into the same pattern but found myself gossiping and in despair. I tried to work with the scrum master to help the team break the patterns I saw but he told me that was just the company culture and it would be too hard to break but he would be willing to try some experiments.

I started looking for other jobs. Then things started to get better and I stopped looking thinking maybe this could turn out alright. Then my boss blindsided me and told me the team was complaining about me and he didn’t think I could recover their confidence. He told me my main job duty was to find a new job. And I found one.

It was so nice to write that resignation letter. I kept it to one sentence. Thank you for the experience of working here, my last day is March 6.

So I start the new job on Monday and I knew I needed something to detoxify from the old situation. I called around to a few spas and found a Saturday appointment for an ultimate body cleanse. It sounded perfect and it was.

I was encouraged to arrive an hour early to spend time in the steam room and sauna. Which I did. The steam room did my lungs a world of good.

Following that pretreatment, I spent 10 minutes in a warm, heavy robe in the meditation room and was escorted to a Vichy shower room by my therapist. In the shower room I laid on a terry covered table and warm water sprayed down while the therapist worked an exfoliating scrub over my skin. She cleaned off the calluses on my feet and ended the treatment in the Vichy room by washing my hair. I love having my hair washed. From there we moved to a regular massage room where I had a deep tissue massage and mini-facial. The pedicure part was finished with a hot foot wrap.

Today I still feel amazing. My skin is soft and everything moves without any stiffness and soreness. She found so many places where I had been holding tension. My jaw, my neck, my hands, my low back and hips, everything is working again and it was the perfect transition.

I’m ready to take on the world and a new team.