When someone you know dies…

what is the first thing you say?  Do you express condolences or do you ask how it happened?  And if you find out about the death through a link to the obituary on Facebook?

When I was in high school, I was not part of the pretty crowd; the girls with the perfect hair and flawless skin.  The ones who made the boys stop in mid-sentence when they passed (or so it seemed).  We were pretty lucky at my school since I’ve found most of the pretty girls like that were mean at other schools and the girls at my school were mostly nice.  It’s not like they would actually deign to speak to me but they didn’t do the mean things that happened to most of my college friends when they were in high school.

So oddly enough, one of the pretty girls from my high school friended me on Facebook and I accepted since I accept most Facebook requests.  I didn’t think she knew who I was but she was probably just going down the list of people who went to the high school.   Then last week she posted a link to the obituary of the other pretty girl who was always with her in the high school halls.  Her post spoke of never putting off calling a friend you haven’t spoken too when the urge to call hits.

So having first seen it on Facebook, I expressed my condolences and thought to leave it at that.  Facebook would notify me whenever someone would leave a comment and that’s how I started seeing the pattern.   Friends would post about the loss of our classmate and inevitably someone would ask – “Do you know how she died?”

It’s a natural question, it’s part of survival; after all if Thag didn’t come back after hunting stegosaurus maybe I don’t want to go hunt stegosaurus.  Anyway after the question was asked, one of a couple of people would pop into the comment, call the questioner names and tell them the family wanted privacy.

If the family wanted privacy, they shouldn’t have posted an obituary and followed all the comments about it on Facebook.

Let’s face it, the easiest way to have your privacy is to let people draw their own conclusions.  If the family really wanted privacy they would have put in adverbs and let people leap in that direction.  After all if I see unexpectedly or suddenly in an obit, I assume it’s a heart attack or accident.  If I see finally in the description I assume a long and lingering illness.   That’s all the curious really need to assuage their need to know.

If they truly wanted privacy, they would have ignored the comments on Facebook instead of stirring up the controversy and insulting people who knew her but then if that crowd hasn’t changed much since high school?  They always did have more looks than brains, or at least that was true of the the ones I tutored.

Sometimes blogging can clear the cobwebs…

So yesterday I was whining that I didn’t feel like any new starts after having 10 completions and not being thrilled with my completions either. Anyway, after getting that out of my head, I swung by Craft Center which is the shop closest to my house to look through the JCS Halloween ornament issue (which came home with me).   And a woman picking out fabric had some patterns which reminded me I have La-D-Da’s The Raven at home and I was sure I had a piece of Picture this Plus Monster Mash in my stash (but I found a piece of Silkweaver Parkland first (it’s from before they were purchased).  I pulled threads from my Fibers to Dye For collection and I have a newly kitted piece I can start in the next few weeks after I finish up Fire and Ice by Black Swan.

Should be Happy Dancing but not sure I can find the path…

So this year I’ve been stitching on some of my older pieces.  You know the kind, WIPS who have become teenagers and lay around the house moaning about how hard it is not to be an adult (completed).  I have finished 10 pieces so far and framed several.  You would think that having finished some of my older pieces; things I’ve been working on for so long, would be a relief and a cause for much rejoicing.  I’m finding, however, that I miss them.  I’ve become accustomed to having the unfinished pieces around the house and it’s not as much fun trying to figure out where I’m going to hang finished pieces or how I’m going to finish them if I don’t frame them.

I had planned to start some of my fully kitted projects this year  (one start for every 2 finishes) but I’ve had absolutely no desire to do that.  I keep wondering if the lack of desire to start anything new has to do with my deteriorating eyesight.  My favorite fabric was 36ct linen, now I have trouble seeing anything over a 28ct and I have to wear reading glasses to do that.  So part of me wonders, are my days of “fine” handiwork over without ever having done a sampler or something on 50+ count linen like the children in the past did?  How huge will some of my large pieces be if I start them on 28 ct?  What do I do with the pieces I have fully kitted with 32ct and 36ct fabrics?   I could bypass all of these questions by starting to work on my Needlepoint and counted canvas pieces.  After all, I can still see the holes in an 18 count canvas without any glasses on at all.

Winter is finished!

It’s done! I started Teresa Wentzler’s Winter Carousel Horse in July of 2000. I’ve worked on it off and on over the last 12 years for a total time stitched of 150 hours. The fabric is 40 ct creme Linen from Germany. In order to stitch using a single strand I had to do a color conversion in order to eliminate the incredible blends that Teresa uses to texture her pictures. The easiest way to accomplish this was a color conversion from DMC to Anchor since there was more variety in the Anchor families back in 2000.
I cut the linen into 4 pieces so I could do all four of the seasonal horses on the same fabric. Last year, I concentrated on the ponies and got all 4 started and worked on at least a little. For the WIPocalypse this month, I’m supposed to work on my Spring Pony but I think I’m ponied out for a little bit. I want to work on something without lots of confetti stitching. I think I’ll get out a Needlepoint canvas for awhile.

July WIPocalypse post

I must have done more reading than stitching but looking at the pictures I do see some progress.  But considering how little there is of it, I think I probably spent more time on Zynga than I should have .

TW's Winter Carousel Horse July 3, 2012

Winter really should have been finished by now.  I can see the progress now that I look at the picture and compare it to last month but looking at the graph, I feel that I haven’t made any progress at all.

Fixed but not finished....

The loom saw some love, although it looks much the same as last month.  However, the error in the harness has been fixed and now it’s an issue of do I split the last diamond and do a half on each edge or do I pick one side and add a 4th diamond.  I’m  leaning toward the split pattern just because I tend to like patterns with an odd number of repeats.

Black Swan's Fire and Ice

What’s surprising is how much love and attention this little guy got.  I took him to the primary elections with me and worked on him in between chapters of Deadlocked.  He’s the next piece which should be getting time and attention but I think he’ll get alternated with the Pony.  It will be interesting to see how much stitching time I get with the Olympics coming up this month.