March Stitch from Stash Report

I knew this month would be a big spending month.   Once a year I go to Logan, UT to teach Hunter’s Education classes for a USU professor who my daughter had 5 years ago.  We’ve been helping teach his classes every year since then.  In Logan is the retail home of which is a huge seller of Nora Corbett/Mirabilia designs.  They were having a 20% off sale.  I got things off my wish list – Pixies – Holly, Lilac, Wisteria and Lily of the Valley as well as some of the supplies for those patterns and the threads I was missing for Christmas Elf.

So my report for the month –

Spent – $61.64

Earned – $0

But I have been stitching.  I finished up the rotation slot on Autumn Queen and I’m working on the plum block for Fruit Bellpull.  I also put a few stitches in on my travel piece, The Raven.  Hopefully things will get easier to stitch when I pick up my new glasses.  Yes, my prescription has changed again.  The joys of growing older.  I’ll add pictures later.

What’s up next for the year of TW Stitching?


Fruit  Bellpull  by Theresa Wentzler started in 1997. Originally a gift for someone I no longer know how to contact.

Stitch from Stash February check in.

So business first
Total spent: 16.99
Total earned: 2.00
Total for month: 14.99


I finished my band for Wendy’s  TWRR.  I also finished a baby quilt but forgot to take a picture of it. I know this band doesn’t  seem like a lot of work but it was a good start to kick off a year of stitching Teresa Wentzler projects.  Up next is Fruit Bellpull.  I’m working on the plums and then I have the pears and the cherries to finish.  If I put up the video games, I’ll have more stitching time.  In the long run, my kids will remember the things I made and not my high scores.