So what ever happened too…

Green Goddess salad dressing.

Practically all the recipes from the 30’s and 40’s call for Green Goddess Dressing. So what happened? Why can’t doesn’t anyone make Green Goddess anymore?

and it’s done!! (well, Maybe)

I finished the part of the Gibson girl quilt that I graphed out. So now I have to decide, do I want a 74 by 74 inch quilt or do I want to add sections that would make it 74 x 90 which is between a twin and a full. I’m in class right now but DH is running it up the rack that normally has photo backgrounds so I can look at it and decide if I like it as it is or if it needs more. I have to admit, I’m not really into square quilts so this could be interesting. It wouldn’t be do bad though, I just need to add 18 inches on the head and the foot.

Hooters Israel, anyone?

Some entrepreneur just bought a Hooters franchise with the intention of opening in Tel Aviv. I know some people who object to Hooters. The food isn’t that great which means that the main attraction is the staff. I happen to know a man who owns a Hooters franchise. His minister was complaining about the way the waitresses dress at the restaurant. This businessman brought in the employee handbook including the dress code. Did you know that the Hooters dress code requires the waitresses to wear nylons while at work and that they are prohibited from having bare midriffs? The franchise owner told the minister when the teenage girls in the congregation covered up as much skin as the Hooters employees then the minister could lambaste his business from the pulpit again.
But back to Israel. A popular rabbi (with his own TV show) feels that much of Jerusalem is becoming less religious and more secular. I think this Hooter’s is going to be proving his point. Hooter’s Tel Aviv has asked for one exception to the franchise dress code though; they want their employees to wear mini-skirts instead of the tight shorts. Is this really going to be any better? True the girls still have to wear nylons under the mini-skirts but depending on how tight or lose the skirts are there may be a flip up issue.
The franchise owner has said that he will not locate the franchise near any religious sites and will attempt to be sensitive to the religious environment of the country (hence the skirts instead of shorts). Still, I’m working on wrapping my mind around a Hooters being located in Israel.


My daughter and I have 2nd row tickets to the True Colors tour!!

Thoughts about a funeral

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a sure knowledge that life continues after death and that when the Bible talks of resurrection, it is true. I have known for as far back as I remember that after this life, I will continue and that I will have a physical body again at the time of the first resurrection which I have been taught is at the time of Christ the Lord’s Second Coming. I give you this paragraph just so you know that funerals do not mean to me what they mean to other people.

Funerals are nothing more than seeing someone off on a long journey, much like going to the airport after the person you wished to talk to has gone through the security checkpoint and left their cell phone home. It’s not like they’re gone forever. True, it’s a one way journey and it’s for me to join them not for them to come back to me. But, I know that when I finally take the ticket for that trip, the reunion at the end of the journey will be incredible.

Actually, a trip is an apt analogy for mortality. It’s just that we in the mortal world are on a journey away from our Heavenly home. We have parents there, especially a loving Father who expects us to call home often through the mechanism of prayer. He loved us so much that he sent His Only Begotten Son to make sure that we could return home. Nothing unclean can dwell in the presence of God. We need the atonement of Christ to clean us so that when we return home we can dwell there for Eternity. So when we send off those who have used their tickets for the return journey home and we know that they have accepted the atonement and demonstrated that acceptance in their lives, we should be happy for them. We should find it a joyous time for the departed. True, those left behind will miss them but this journey is but a moment in eternity and it won’t be that long until we are reunited.

Sorry if you were looking for something humorous or flippant today but this is my journal and I just felt a little serious today and a lot more open than I usually like to be in public.

Hypothetical vs. rhetorical

I heard part of the interview with Jay Heinrichs about his new book, Thank you for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach us About the Art of Persuasion. I listened to him talk about how the meaning of words change; about rhetorical and hypothetical questions. A rhetorical question used to mean a question that was so obvious everyone knew the answer. Now it’s “A question used for emphasis” according to I didn’t hear his definition of a hypothetical question but to me it’s always been a question used to lead a person to the point on which you want them to agree with you. Apparently the definition that I use for a hypothetical question used to be the point of using a rhetorical question. Heinrichs credits the doublespeak and changed meaning in our language to the curriculum changes during the last century when grammar, rhetoric, logic, public speaking, and debate were eliminated from the public schools.
Personally, I would add the change from considering music a science to considering it an art. It all comes down to we no longer teach our children the importance of words. We don’t teach them that “how” you say it is as important as “what” you mean to the expression of your message. We barely teach them to write and then we have teachers who are starting to accept the text mail shortcuts as appropriate classroom communication since it is symbols on paper that are intelligible. I remember about 10 years ago the fuss about allowing junior high students to write in gang script or graffiti alphabet. Today even that would be preferable since uniform spelling was still enforced.
“R U Hear?” Does not mean “Are you here?” in the classroom and should not be accepted as correct. If the teacher were accepting the assignments by text message that would be a different story. But around here at least, cell phones are banned in class and the shortened text script should be banned as well.
I hear parents complain that school doesn’t teach children to think, yet they complain about teaching the tools that would give the children a foundation on which to build the arguments and theses for logical thinking. But then what do I know, after all, I’m more concerned with the logic of the education rather than how the kids feel about themselves.

Some thoughts from an email….

If the world were a logical place, men would ride side saddle. – – Just think about how motorcycles would be redesigned…
What is a “free” gift? Aren’t all gifts free?
Is there another word for synonym?
What’s another word for thesaurus?
Is Marx’s tomb a communist plot?

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

Getting Back to Basics

Every now and then it’s good to get back to the basics. I found 8 quilt blocks that my Grandmother made in the 1930’s, she would have been a teenager at that time and it could easily have been a project from M.I.A (Mutual Improvement Association). I didn’t want to mess things up so I went to Piper’s Quilts for advice, since Jeanette is a quilt appraiser. It was suggested that I sign up for the beginners class where Jeanette could help me one on one. It’s a buddy class so I went through trying to find a friend to take it with me and found someone who hasn’t quilted since their mother passed away. She’s making a 9 patch quilt from fat quarters. It was gong together really quick, she had 2 blocks done before we left class.
Anyway, I was planning on doing a simple 2 columns of 4 blocks but in looking around the shop, I found a star pattern that it hit me could be adapted to fit my Gibson Girls so as of today, I’m thinking about doing a pattern with 4 blocks in the center with almost a window pane type look, and then 4 girls in the corners with a hand quilted solid blue on the sides. Jeanette had me sit down and graph it out with all the measurements. I’m not thrilled with the thought of a 74 x 74 square quilt though so I’m thinking about adding another fabric so that I can make it 78 x 96 which is a nice size for a twin bed. It was good to have someone sit me down and make me slow down and think through the project. More planning up front, less fixing at the back end. Now if I could just fall in love with the fabric I picked for the borders. I loved it in the shop but now, I’m not sure I like it anymore.

Keyword searches….

So I figured I would check my stats to see what keyword searches are bringing people here. I must be really boring because there weren’t any fun keywords this time that didn’t relate to me.
All the keywords showing up on statcounter were Stasha, just so you know and just so you now.

Maybe I need to write more and write more spicy. Sorry if I’ve been boring you all.

I did spend the week in Vegas at a seminar on search engine optimization and internet sales. Too bad I don’t have anything to sell. Except I’m selling off some stitching stash but I find if I do it in lots larger than 10 items, I have difficulty mailing things out in a timely manner. I also have to find a way to get the refund on the insertion fees for the 2nd time items. Maybe I’ll work on that tonight after I get 6 months of checking accounts balanced for the tax man.

I envy those of you who are so organized that you’re getting your refunds already.

Threads in the Pensieve…

If you’re worried about pleasing people, how long will it be until you run into someone for whom pleasing them will mean giving up your values?

According to Glamour, women hit their sexual peak at 40 and men at 18. Trouble is at 18 men don’t have a clue what they’re doing, and 40 year old women know what they want and an 18 year old doesn’t have that kind of patience.

Hope is goal oriented. Without a dream or a goal what is there to hope for?

Why is it that when people are thinking about dieting they suddenly become worried about my weight?