Hooters Israel, anyone?

Some entrepreneur just bought a Hooters franchise with the intention of opening in Tel Aviv. I know some people who object to Hooters. The food isn’t that great which means that the main attraction is the staff. I happen to know a man who owns a Hooters franchise. His minister was complaining about the way the waitresses dress at the restaurant. This businessman brought in the employee handbook including the dress code. Did you know that the Hooters dress code requires the waitresses to wear nylons while at work and that they are prohibited from having bare midriffs? The franchise owner told the minister when the teenage girls in the congregation covered up as much skin as the Hooters employees then the minister could lambaste his business from the pulpit again.
But back to Israel. A popular rabbi (with his own TV show) feels that much of Jerusalem is becoming less religious and more secular. I think this Hooter’s is going to be proving his point. Hooter’s Tel Aviv has asked for one exception to the franchise dress code though; they want their employees to wear mini-skirts instead of the tight shorts. Is this really going to be any better? True the girls still have to wear nylons under the mini-skirts but depending on how tight or lose the skirts are there may be a flip up issue.
The franchise owner has said that he will not locate the franchise near any religious sites and will attempt to be sensitive to the religious environment of the country (hence the skirts instead of shorts). Still, I’m working on wrapping my mind around a Hooters being located in Israel.

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