Twitter interferes with my blogging

I haven’t blogged in awhile. So I started an introspective as too why and I’ve concluded it’s Twitter. In the past, I would come across an idea and it would ruminate and engender a blog entry. Since joining Twitter when an interesting thought passes my mind, I drop it in 140 characters or less and having performed the brain dump, I don’t think about it again – Thus I have less blog fodder.

So for those of you not on my Twitter feed here are some of the ideas which didn’t become blogs…

  • The concept of beauty presupposes ugly. Labels are defined by opposites. How would the world be if we viewed all as equal?
  • At a bridal shower for my cousin’s fiancee’ man I’m feeling old! The bride is only 3 years older than my daughter
  • @briancarter yet 100 years from now the DNA we give a child may still be effecting the earth in response to In 100 years, most of us will be forgotten.
  • Is the weekend an opportunity to do what you really love or an interruption from doing what you love?
  • Several things on my middle child – – Lunch today fried rice my son made, cut raw veggies, edamame, & fresh strawberries for dessert. Who leaves their prom & spends the ride home discussing summer internship options – nanotech vs. Computer science is the debate. An hour to go until we pick the boy up from his first prom. He looks sharp in a tux. My 16 year old son is frantically cleaning the kitchen after getting a text? I wonder what her name is. (Girls are having an effect on him).
  • No one signed up to take my class at the community school. I’m so relieved to have the next 4 tues free I had underpriced the course
  • Susan Boyle = female Paul Potts? Same shocked look on Simon’s face for both
  • The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink. – old proverb
  • NPR All Things Considered will be doing a story on the increase of bedbugs in America — eewwww
  • Off to see Wicked sleeping out on the street in Dec to get tickets seems worth it now!
  • Last year kids said they were too old for stuffed bunnies & baskets today they’re mad cuz Easter Bunny did not poop candy around the house.
  • lack of resources does not keep us from reaching our goals as much as a lack of drive and emotional commitment does

And that’s just the last 2 weeks.

An inspiring and productive weekend

LDS General conference is held the first weekend in April. It means stormy weather for Utah and Saturday afternoon is devoted to crafting. My grandma reserved the Saturday afternoon session for crafting and I’ve held to that tradition. When Mama was alive, I would go to her house and either bring and unfinished project or the supplies she suggested I bring. In the seventies, I learned to macrame and crochet while listening to LeGrand Richards and Marvin J. Ashton. I’ve worked on quilts with cousins and aunts discussing the talks we heard.

This year, I started early with the first conference session. For those who aren’t familar, there are 4 public conference session which last 2 hours each. The priesthood session is 2 hours in the evening and is only for men who hold the priesthood. The first session I worked on my Red Thread Sampler and completed the March pattern.One concept that really hit me hard during that first session was viewing debt as an addiction to worldly possessions and a lack of self mastery at saying “No” to unnecessary purchases. During the afternoon session, I found my template for the “Star Struck Mystery Quilt” and cut out the green hearts while listening to President Uchtdorf. I got them ironed in place and didn’t work on the machine applique part until after the meeting since the sewing machine is too noisy and distracting while trying to listen to speaking. However, it only took about 30 minutes after the end of the 2nd session to have these blocks finished.

Saturday night I did some machine piecing so that I could cut and press during the Sunday sessions. I heard some beautiful messages about the Atonement and the temple. I got quite a bit further on the jungle quilt (did some more sewing between conference sessions) and did a bit on the April Pattern for Red Thread.
Anyway by the end of the weekend, the Jungle Quilt now looks like this:

So Just so you Know…
I had a wonderfully inspiring weekend listening to conference and a fantastically productive weekend by staying off the computer, remembering my Grandma, and working my tail off on projects. Except, I didn’t do much on the quilt which I had planned to work on all weekend:
It’s still exactly where it was on Friday night, 8 blue strips from being ready to bind.

A tale of two Cat Houses…

Call it a strange sense of humor; the juxtaposition of two news stories really caught my attention this week. They were a day apart and I’ve been ROFLMAO when I think of the two in conjunction. First the massage parlor story broke then today, I hear on the radio about a Lehi Cat House being closed down. The two headlines within 24 hours of each other totally crack me up, even more so since they have nothing to do with each other.