>Completed something for Finish it February!

>It’s too late in the evening (or early in the morning) to take pictures but my Red Thread Sampler by Bent Creek is finished. All the snaps and buttons are on and it’s ready to wash and take to the framer.

Now to finish up my weaving sampler.

>From Time Sucks to Believing in Priorities…

>I heard a great speaker this week who said the number one reason we let Time Sucks get in the way of our priorities is deep down we don’t believe they are really priorities. We let go of what we really want in the future for what we want right now because in the back of our heads, we don’t believe we will really achieve the life we desire. I think that hit me harder knowing that the speaker was talking about what it took for her to leave an abusive relationship and become the incredible successful woman she is today.

The other big reason we put off working on our goals is we don’t have the confidence to see that we are up to the task. We see the end and forget that the daily steps to get us there will build the skills needed to accomplish the end goal.
And the easiest thing to fix – we forget to schedule enough time to accomplish the baby steps we have. We try to do it all at once or we let the Urgent but Unimportant get in the way. So remember when it comes to activities… Do It, Delegate It, Defer it, or Dump It.

>Facebook and other time sucks….

>Hear that giant sucking sound…that’s my time going down the drain. I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook this year and based on my posts, it hasn’t been constructive. At the beginning of the year, I eliminated all my games except Treasure Madness and Bejeweled Blitz. Since then, I’ve added Puzzled Hearts which really doesn’t do anything except give me puzzle pieces for pretty pictures.

I can justify the puzzle nature of the mini-games in Treasure Madness as brain strengthening games for the aging mind but the others have no raison d’etre.
Needless to say, I have plenty of excuses for why I haven’t worked on my Carousel Horses, why I haven’t made it to the gym and why my house hasn’t been vacuumed and why my craft room is a mess (honestly, they’re drying after washing, I just haven’t pinned them to the blocking board where ever it is in the room).
And on top of my normal timesucks, I found a weaving class which has pretty time hefty assignments between classes – including finding a pattern for the final project (which I may have done through some eBay purchases and library books.)
So here it is almost 2 am and I’m still not ready for bed and I’m a day behind and just a minute, I have a Cats Eye to pick up on Bejeweled Blitz….

>AGH!!! Four stitches short….

>I ran out of Bunny Hunny 4 stitches short of what I needed for finishing The Red Thread sampler. I was thinking I could cover the spot with a button since I’m not about to go buy a new skein of Crescent Colors for 4 stitches. Then it hit me I should check my other Mirabilia kits since that is where the Crescent color came from in the first place.

And I scored! I found another skein of Bunny Hunny in a kit I hadn’t done yet. So I have what I need to finish up Red Thread Sampler. I should wrap it up this week. Yes, I should be working on my Carousel ponies but I wanted to finish something for Finish it February and this one was just so close.

>The year of TW Carousel horses continues….

>So far I’ve made my January goals…or close enough that I can call them done. Winter has some beads and backstitching to finish the first pages. Interestingly enough, along with working on my ponies, I’ve done quite a bit on the Red Thread sampler. In fact, I only have 2.5 segments until it’s completely finished and since each part only takes a couple hours, I could end up pausing the horses for a day or two and finish it up. After all it is Finish it February.

On top of that, I have been taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day. I haven’t made it to the gym. But I have read quite a few books. It helps having a book where I can read in the dark. Love the Nookcolor.
I’ve been thinking about putting together a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I started putting one together before but I kept realizing that it was just small thinking and not large at all. It got depressing listing a lot of little things that could be finished quickly and needed to be done. I wanted better. This time, I need to list the little things and get them out of the way so that I can get to the big ticket items. Much like playing a carnival game, you win the little prizes to trade up to the big things.

>Quick update, more to follow

>Summer has her color chart, brand new stretcher bars, and a new box of tacks. The goal for February is to get the fabric mounted and start stitching.

Spring has stitches in her the goal for this month is to reach a point where I can start her border.
Fall has at least 1500 new stitches and needs to have 10 grid squares crossed off the chart in February (there are a couple that just need some backstitching to be done.

Winter is only 13.5 grid squares from being 50% completed. The goal for February is to reach that 50% mark.