Getting Back to Basics

Every now and then it’s good to get back to the basics. I found 8 quilt blocks that my Grandmother made in the 1930’s, she would have been a teenager at that time and it could easily have been a project from M.I.A (Mutual Improvement Association). I didn’t want to mess things up so I went to Piper’s Quilts for advice, since Jeanette is a quilt appraiser. It was suggested that I sign up for the beginners class where Jeanette could help me one on one. It’s a buddy class so I went through trying to find a friend to take it with me and found someone who hasn’t quilted since their mother passed away. She’s making a 9 patch quilt from fat quarters. It was gong together really quick, she had 2 blocks done before we left class.
Anyway, I was planning on doing a simple 2 columns of 4 blocks but in looking around the shop, I found a star pattern that it hit me could be adapted to fit my Gibson Girls so as of today, I’m thinking about doing a pattern with 4 blocks in the center with almost a window pane type look, and then 4 girls in the corners with a hand quilted solid blue on the sides. Jeanette had me sit down and graph it out with all the measurements. I’m not thrilled with the thought of a 74 x 74 square quilt though so I’m thinking about adding another fabric so that I can make it 78 x 96 which is a nice size for a twin bed. It was good to have someone sit me down and make me slow down and think through the project. More planning up front, less fixing at the back end. Now if I could just fall in love with the fabric I picked for the borders. I loved it in the shop but now, I’m not sure I like it anymore.

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