Thoughts about a funeral

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a sure knowledge that life continues after death and that when the Bible talks of resurrection, it is true. I have known for as far back as I remember that after this life, I will continue and that I will have a physical body again at the time of the first resurrection which I have been taught is at the time of Christ the Lord’s Second Coming. I give you this paragraph just so you know that funerals do not mean to me what they mean to other people.

Funerals are nothing more than seeing someone off on a long journey, much like going to the airport after the person you wished to talk to has gone through the security checkpoint and left their cell phone home. It’s not like they’re gone forever. True, it’s a one way journey and it’s for me to join them not for them to come back to me. But, I know that when I finally take the ticket for that trip, the reunion at the end of the journey will be incredible.

Actually, a trip is an apt analogy for mortality. It’s just that we in the mortal world are on a journey away from our Heavenly home. We have parents there, especially a loving Father who expects us to call home often through the mechanism of prayer. He loved us so much that he sent His Only Begotten Son to make sure that we could return home. Nothing unclean can dwell in the presence of God. We need the atonement of Christ to clean us so that when we return home we can dwell there for Eternity. So when we send off those who have used their tickets for the return journey home and we know that they have accepted the atonement and demonstrated that acceptance in their lives, we should be happy for them. We should find it a joyous time for the departed. True, those left behind will miss them but this journey is but a moment in eternity and it won’t be that long until we are reunited.

Sorry if you were looking for something humorous or flippant today but this is my journal and I just felt a little serious today and a lot more open than I usually like to be in public.

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  1. HasturTorres

     /  March 19, 2007

    A close friend of mine recently lost a family member and we were discussing death and funerals. She was amazed that I could be so calm about it. I must admit that I am strange when it comes to this topic. I have been accused of being cold or stone-hearted regarding the death of someone close to me because I don’t display the usual greiving patterns. Why should I be sad when I know that I will see them again? Yes, I miss them but it is temporary. Thus I focus more the quality of their lives before death. I hate to see my older family members in pain and torment before death. We just placed my only living grandparent in an assisted living home this past week and that has upset me more than I know her impending death will be.


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