Stitch May-nia results as of May 22

There is still one week of my May-nia left for this year but This is what I’ve accomplished: AutumnQueen2016
Mirabilia’s Autumn Queen 4.5 hours close to 1000 stitches
Overdyed Dragon
OverDyed Dragon by Dragon Dreams 2.75 hours
Dr. Who Quilt 1.5 hours
Fruit Bellpull by Theresa Wentzler 1.5 hours
Something Wicked by La-D-Da
Fortunate Traveller by Theresa Wenztler 1.25 hours stitching 1 hour sorting pattern
Reflections of TidePools by Ro Pace – 2 hours
Fall Carousel
Fall Carousel Horse by Theresa Wentzler 1 hour
Not pictured
Anniversary Roses by Lauren Sauer
Bucilla Purse Kit from 1943
Final picture –
Mardi Gras Quilt I’m working on…20160522_194808

For more information on my new stitching process – check out my new blog – Agile Crafter


Finally a finish….and a contest.

I have friends who would say this is not finished because it doesn’t have a name and a label.
I created this quilt from the blocks in a beginning quilt class and it’s made for my son, J, who is on an LDS mission in St. Louis, MO. He wanted Red and Blue but not something patriotic which is why I went with a black background.  I need suggestions for names – I’m thinking about giving a prize for the name I select… Leave your name suggestions in the comments.


I love how many of the blocks have scriptural references.  The center block is known as Tree of Life, the house block has been nicknamed by my classmates – the wiseman’s house because it’s built upon the rock, the teacher said that a log cabin block with a black center stands for freedom from slavery which is what the gospel truth does to a tortured soul, The bottom center block is an anvil which is appropriate for the summer that J was an apprentice to a blacksmith. IMG_9496You can definitely see the relation of the block to the anvil he worked with.  He looks so young in that picture too.

This is what Elder Bates looks like in Missouri – James

So if you see him on the street with his black and white name tag- Ask to see his quilt.  Especially if you gave me the winning name!

Stitch from Stash April Report

So I started the month of April by teaching in Logan.  The 2 hour drive to Logan means a visit to Donnett at Embroidery Central.

Through everyone’s Facebook progress pictures, I was falling in love with some of the new Mirabilia’s  and Donnett stocks more Mirabilia’s than any other retail location in Utah.  She also had a copy of My Christmas Quilt by Emie Bishop.  Which gives us a grand total spent of $24.00.  That was going to be my total spend for the month.  But then I started working on Fruit BellPull by Teresa Wentzler and realized that I was missing the 612 and the 3747 but it was okay, I could work around it for awhile.  I did get some progress done on the piece, not much though…

April 034

I did get my Dr. Who quilt pieced and put together except for the outer border.

April 042

I took it to ComicCon FanX with me and Hal the Archer added his signature to it.

April 045

That wasn’t the only signature I got that weekend.  I have a nice start to my Star Trek quilt.

The start of my Star Trek quilt....

The start of my Star Trek quilt….

Seven signatures is a start.  It would be nice if I had been able to get William Shatner and Patrick Stewart for a full 9 blocks.  I’m sure that over time I’ll be able to add 2 more.  The husband would like me to get Dwight Schultz since he loved the character of Reginald Barclay.

So after getting the 7 signatures for my quilt, I wanted some #12 black perle to embroider them in place.  I’ve heard horror stories of people losing the signatures on T-shirts so I’ve pressed these in place and now it’s time to stitch over them, except I was out of #12 black perle cotton.  So I did hit JoAnn’s and I bought the 2 missing floss and a ball of #12 perle – Total $2.60.

That gives me a monthly total of $26.60 for April.  Good thing I didn’t spend all my money in previous months…

The only problem I have now is that I’m thinking the Star Trek signatures should be done in silk.  I think I have some black Subtlety in my stash if not, guess what I’m buying next month…


The January stitching budget report

So here is my report for the Stitch from Stash contest.

Earlier this month, I did hit the JoAnn’s floss sale and bought the floss for my Winter and Summer Queens.  I loved the sale price and then having a 10% off coupon on top brought it down to .27 a skein which used to be the sale price for Anchor floss or equal to 2 cents more than the standard DMC price when I first started buying my own floss. But I just got all the floss for my two queens for under $14.  I seriously looked at buying a new scroll rod set so I could start them immediately but then I realized it would put me over the $25 for the month and I have so many pieces I could work on before I need to have a new start.  Besides, if I finish my Autumn Queen then I could just use that scroll frame for the new queen. And the more I think about her, the more she starts screaming at me, so guess who just dropped into the screaming slot in my rotation?

So what did I do with my remaining budget money? Well, I’m a volunteer for the Salt Lake ComicCon FanXperience and I was asked to come in for the George Takei event. I’ve been thinking about what I could do with signatures from most of the Star Trek NextGen cast who will be coming in April …

Well, I in the fall, I had Simon Fisher-Becker Sign the Tardis block for my Dr. Who Quilt so, why not a Star Trek Quilt? So I bought 4 fat quarters of a fun fabric which cost $2 more than if I had bought a yard of it but the bolt was gone and all they had was the fat quarters. It’s a good thing we can round down. Since my total for the month is $25.14 – which rounds down to $25.00
Oh, and here is my first signature for the quilt.

George Takei Signature

As for what I did from Stash this month?
I worked on the oldest WIP in my possession. You can read the history of this purse from my Grandmother’s sewing room here. It’s not 100% finished but the front canvas is done.

Front Piece of Petit Point Purse

Carol offered to mail me a piece of 14 count canvas so I can do the back in basketweave. That just leaves me the side piece and so I don’t run out of thread, I’m going to use Black DMC from my stash. So if this were your project, would you do a plain black basketweave back or graph out a matching pattern and use 8 strands of DMC to replicate the 8 strands of cotton floss used on the front?
DH suggested doing a gold/brown fleur-de-lis but I’m thinking something along the lines of just the brown/gold pattern on the front of the purse… suggestions are welcome.

I also finished 4 of the ornaments on my Fuppy list and you can read that report here. and I framed my Celtic Steps 40 ct linen gauze. So all in all a productive month.  I’m currently working on my TW Fruit Bell Pull and piecing my Dr. Who quilt.  The Olympics are coming up and I plan to do quite a bit of stitching while watching them.

And the best part my total projects is under 60 for the first time since 2003. WIPs – 33
FUPpies – 25 (of which I can do 10 myself) It’s a good thing finishing doesn’t count toward the stash budget.

The Stitching Year in Review (a few weeks early)

This year was supposed to be a year of every WIP gets love. Well it didn’t happen because I fell in love with some of my older WIPs and life happened. Zions disbanded my department and I had to find a new job. I did end up as a government statistic since I did file an unemployment claim but I found my job with NCR and started before I reached the end of my waiting period – so no sucking at the government teat for me this year…
And if that didn’t throw me off my stitching stride, I got sucked into Candy Crush Saga. I’m on Level 451 and I haven’t paid anything to move up. I’ve also completed all the available levels for the Opus Owl saga stuff too. And now I’ve added pet rescue and I’m stuck on level 42.

I did get some stitching done this year though…most of it was blocks for my Dr. Who quilt. I made a quilt for my cousin’s son Roman, I stitched a beta test piece for Napa Needlework and Lizzie Kate’s “If the Broom Fits.” But new starts weren’t the only things I did. I completed a couple of my older pieces – Celtic Steps from the Nashville CATS show, quilting the Christmas stocking piece from when I took a quilt of the month course one year, and I finished the instructions for the Pink and Teal Nine Patch quilt that I started in 2009.

But the goal was to work on older pieces and it sounds like all I did was the new starts. However, I did work on my Blackwork Dragon (started Nov 2010), Fire and Ice (Jan 2003), Autumn Carousel Horse (Feb 2010), and I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my Fruit Bellpull. I’ve almost completed the apple block which had seen any work since maybe 2000? I started it in 1997 and the last time I remember working on it, I was in Montoursville, PA. I think I sent it out as part of a UFO round robin but that would have been prior to 2005. Anyway, I have really enjoyed working on it and want to finish up the Apples block before putting it away.

I was thinking about keeping with the Every WIP gets love list but I want to pull everything out and take a before picture at the start of the year so I know exactly where I’m at when I start to work on them. On top of that and to help motivate me, I found the Epic Stitching: Stitch from Stash group. Now I know I’m a binge shopper and can go for months without buying anything and then I’ll blow more money than I should. I like the idea of having a limit for the year and having to build up to what I spend. Besides, I should have everything I need to finish up my WIPS.


This should work as a button to take you to the link for the contest for the year. I have to admit that right now, I’m trying to hunt down the stuff to make the Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Cupcake but if I don’t find it soon, I’m going to give up and put it on the wish list for when the leaflet and the embellishment pack come out in the fall.

Let’s face it with 35 WIPS and 30 Fuppys (finished unfinished projects), I’m still at over 60 projects to complete (8 of those are quilt tops that need to be quilted and 5 of them are Olympic pieces where I wanted to find round frames in the colors of the Olympic rings.)

So coming up before the new year, I would like to post pictures of the 35 WIP’s and the 2 starts from Lizzie Kate which I want to have framed by next Christmas. If I’m lucky, I may even finish something before the new year starts.

WED WIP update

Just so you know… my first doctor was Tom Baker and you never forget your first Doctor.  However my favorite Doctor is a toss up between 9 and 11.  Yes, that’s right – I’m not a Tennant fan girl, although I would love to get a copy of him and Catherine Tate doing Much Ado about Nothing.  That’s a ticket I would pay for…

And that is the introduction for my focus project at the moment – –


For those who have seen the pictures from last week – You’ll notice there are French knots all over 6’s tie.  Seven is complete and I went with one of the alternate eight patterns since I really didn’t like the official pattern put out by Fandom in Stitches.  You’ll notice that even though 8 is not finished, I have traced 9 and it’s ready to start as soon as I get some time to stitch.
And on to my other piece.

This is the other piece which got some love, I actually got a full hour put in on Fall this weekend and there is a part of head in there. I got quite a bit of mane done and the corner grape vines are almost ready to be called done. I have 6 hours left on him this rotation slot and I’m really hoping to finish all the border on this first page.

See you next Wednesday.

Making a quilt top from the 9 patch blocks

So I went back and found my project from November of 2009 since the post from earlier this weekend.  It turns out that it may make more than 5 blocks.  Then again, I may have used 2 fat quarters, I’m not sure.

Strips I found when I opened the project box.

Strips I found when I opened the project box.

So for kicks and giggles I finished them up to see how many blocks I really had.

10 finished blocks

10 finished blocks

I have 10 blocks 5 of each color. The next step is to make sure they are all the same size.

Measure to find the smallest block.

Measure to find the smallest block.

So I measure all to find the smallest block and after I evened that one up (making it square to the shortest edge. I cut the other blocks down to that size in this case 6-1/4″

Then because I’ve been told that quilts with even numbered blocks aren’t really aesthetically pleasing (although my favorite quilt has 24 blocks). I added some blocks of solid fabric to place between the pieced blocks.

Cut 10 solid pieces the same size as the pieced blocks.

Cut 5 solid pieces the same size as the pieced blocks.

Then comes the fun part, layout.

Hm, I don't think 5 blocks will be enough.

Hm, I don’t think 5 blocks will be enough.

I cut 5 more of the solid blocks (used 2 fat quarters) for this layout.

27And hmm, we have an even number of blocks – 4 rows of 5 for a total of 20.

The next step is sewing the blocks together.  The nice thing about this layout is there’s no worrying about seams laying right, every seam on the block is going against a blank block.  I sew the blocks to make rows.

two sets of two rows

two sets of two rows

I learned early on that it’s a pain to try to stitch a single row to a section of three rows or more rows. So I usually start on both ends of the quilt and work toward the center.

So this seemed a bit small, great for a crib size or wall hanging though so I added some borders. First I added a 2 inch stop border.

Top with stop border

Top with stop border and mitered corners

Then I added a 6-1/2″ outer border.

Evening things out

Evening things out

After adding the side borders, I evened out the edge before putting on the bottom border.  I like having an even edge to work with.

Finished Quilt.

Finished Quilt.

And we have a finished quilt. If I remember right, it took 4 fat quarters for the 9 patch blocks, 2 fat quarters for the solid blocks, 1 fat quarter for the stop border and 4 fat quarters for the outer border. So at 11 fat quarters which I got on sale for $1.50, that’s not a bad price for a throw quilt.

The end of the WIPocalypse

So at the beginning of the year, I picked 15 pieces to work on and hopefully complete.  Of the 15 pieces I selected, 7 are completed. One of my selections was two quilt tops, I completed the smaller of the two – Christmas Pinwheel.


Unless I get snowed in this weekend, this will most likely be the final finish of this year.  So I feel safe giving you the stats for this year.  I started the year with 69 pieces on the WIP list. During the year, I split the list into WIPS and FUPPY. WIPs are works in progress; pieces that have been started but not completed.  The Fuppy pile is Finished-Unfinished Project Pieces.  These are pieces that have been finished but are not completed; for example, an ornament, a cross-stitch piece which needs framing, a bell pull which needs hardware added, stuff waiting to go to the framer.  I’m finishing the year at 59 total pieces, 38 WIPs and 21 Fuppies.  Of the Fuppies, 11 are things I could do myself, 10 are just waiting for money to go to the framer or finisher.  I feel better about 38 projects, especially considering that one is the 2nd Christmas quilt which just needs me to sit my butt down in front of a movie or TV show, size the blocks and sew them together, that’s just an afternoon’s work.  Another is some Origami fabric pieces I made in a class with a friend that I was going to put on a Drunkard’s path quilt I’ve been making by hand but I realized the quilt is too big to be a wall hanging so it’s a project on it’s own and I need a new background for the Origami pieces.  I want to pull from stash for that.  It really shouldn’t take long to make a background for the wallhanging.  That would leave me 36 WIPs which would be the perfect number for next year.

The theme for next year is every WIP gets love.  I’ve promised myself at least 5 hours on every piece.  I’m sure there are several which could be finished if I gave them 5 to 10 hours, especially some of the machined quilt tops. If there were 36 items on the WIP list then I would have 2 weeks to complete my 5 hours and if I finished the piece in that 2 week period, I could either move on to the next piece or justify starting something new.

I think I would like to get the WIP pile down to around 20 pieces or less, the problem is after several finishes I like to start something new.  That explains why I only finished 7 items from the WIPocalypse list but I have 42 completed projects for the year.

I have 52 pieces which are fully kitted and ready to start and 32 more that I’m totally in lust with.  That doesn’t even include canvases I own which just need fibers and would stitch up really quick.  It does include quilt tops that I have the fabric and the pattern but have never cut the pieces.  I have been beyond SABLE for years now.  I just hope my eyesight holds out to retirement when I’ll have time to stitch.


As we enter that final WIPocalypse month, I’m skipping around the project list and having trouble focusing.  But I did make progress on stuff.  Such as being almost finished with 2 sets of 56 blocks….

November Wipocalypse

Not a pretty picture but I’m going to finish the blocks before I put it away this year.  And then next year, I’ll resize the blocks and sew them together (8 rows of 7 blocks).  The fun part of this quilt is that the corner cut of the large block, makes the pieces of the pinwheel block for the 2nd quilt.

I also started on my Stars of the New Millennium Stitch-a-Long.  Here are Marilyn and Clark:


Yes, I’m ahead of the SAL but these have been so fun to do.  The Very Velvet turned out really nice.  The metallic black looks better in person than it does on the picture.  I’ve been too stressed to lay the border correctly so it’s been waiting.  Once I finish the quilt and my December WIPocalypse piece, I’m going to start on the 3rd block.

My December WIPocalypse piece is coming along nicely but I need a canvas stitch which will fit in a space that is 7 threads by 12 threads. And then a decision on what to do with the final row of stitches and it will be completed.

MidSummers Night Dream (formerly Star Struck Batik Mystery)

Midsummers Night Dream Quilt

MidSummers Night Dream completed tonight. The pattern started as Susan Claire’s Star Struck Mystery but I changed the Angels to Fairies. When asking for titles from the group at the Halloween party, they decided on Midsummers Night Dream since we have Fairies, Love and Green for the Forest.