So am I nuts? (Harry Potter Question)

So I have on pre-order 5 books and the audio CD. One of the books is to be dropped in a global priority mailer and shipped to Finland so the kids Grandpa has a copy. 3 of the books are so there is no fighting in the house over whose turn it is to read.

The final copy of the book – so DS#2 can follow along while listening to the unabridged audio book. He has a copy of book 6 and DD’s old copy of #1 but none of the other books. I just figured that he would inherit mine. But then, I’ve been thinking about how cool it was when my grandma gave me books that had been hers (I have her 1960’s issued LOTR set) and got thinking that it would be cool to pass my Harry Potter books on to my grandkids when they get interested in them.

But then I get thinking about how I just gave away a ton of childrens books that I had been saving for my kids since I loved them when I was little but not one of my kids ever cracked the cover of a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery and I’m the only one who read the copy of King of the Wind on the bookshelf. And to top that off, they’ve never read the Narnia books either and never let me finish when I read those to them.

So, am I being silly in buying 5 copies when we would be fine with 4 and the CD’s?

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