Craft and Art

This song haunts me and I keep coming back to it and relating it to my own crafts. I keep thinking of the lines

“My boy builds coffins and I think it’s a shame
That when each ones been made, he can’t see it again
He crafts every one with love and with care
Then it’s thrown in the ground and it just isn’t fair”

I think about how much time and effort I put into the art of my craft and how many things I’ve given away and how many were unappreciated. My reaction was to stop making gifts and start making things just for me and that worked for a time. I’m ready now though I think to start making things again for others – It’s the spirit of the gift. If it’s not appreciated well, I know not to give to those people again. After all, each coffin could only be given once.


She just had to crack the Soylent green jokes!!!

Stasha —

A brand of soylent green breakfast cereal

‘How” will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at

I got this from Whizgidget’s blog. She must have stopped just in time since I ended up as the Soylent green.

In a way this is fitting since we watched 2001:A Space Odyssey with the kids on Sunday and all of a sudden, they have a new source of reference for so many cartoon jokes. Also Sprach Zarathuthstra will never be the same for them though.
The even funnier part was when the next disk we threw in started with the music and the sun rising over the great white dome of Brain’s head. DD had to run for the bathroom she was laughing so hard. We got talking about great cartoon moments that referred to the Kubrick movie and the one that everyone remembered was Homer Simpson in space eating potato chips to the sound of a waltz.
Thank goodness George Lucas commissioned original music for the next big Sci-Fi movie to come to the big screen after the Kubrick film.