Snow like I remember….

When I was younger, this is what a snowstorm looked like. And no, schools do not close for snow like this. It’s Utah, we love this stuff, it boosts the economy and keeps the skier’s coming here and it’s what makes us a great candidate for a 2nd Winter Olympics.  The walks had been cleared in the morning but the birdbath hadn’t been touched if you would like to use that as a gauge.

When I was small, we would make snow forts and snow caves and get soaking wet and cold even with the mittens and hats.  Yes, our mothers sent us outside and they didn’t come with us.  Except maybe that one mom who made snowballs for us to throw at each other. That’s right, we considered other children targets and knew that we were targets too.  It was considered healthy to have a little competition.  None of us would have stood for bullying and everyone got their fair share of hunting and being hunted.

I’m just sorry that my kids are too old to build snow forts now that we have a decent snowfall.

I took a snow day…

Technically I had the day scheduled off so that I could decompress before my birthday. I planned to go to the Deseret Foundation quilting day but the snow was so nasty it was all I could do to make it to the bank today.
So instead of going out and quilting, I stayed in and stitched. Yes, I know I should have been working on cleaning the house or on Harry Potter #3. I just wanted to be in a room with lots of light and that was the front room. The reflection off the snow was sending light through the windows which still don’t have the sheers on them. I did get one of 4 sheers hung this weekend. And DH mentioned that he would like to do at least one room in oxblood when we paint. Yes, this is the same man who said that he only wanted white walls. I think that something has clicked with him and he’s suggesting that we have fun with the house and paint all the rooms differently since this is our house and we’re not worrying about resale right now.
Can I just say that I’m massively relieved to hear him say this?

Yes, this is a ramble but I’m in a great, relaxed mood tonight.