Forced into the Google world

Just so you know, Blogger made me create a Google account so that I could continue posting. I’m not happy about it. It’s just one more place for spammers to find me. One more place for identity theives to get information and just one more place for me to have to remember a signon. I realize that blogger is now just a possession in the google-sphere and that the owner would prefer that I use even more of their services but I don’t have to be happy about it.

But then, I guess that is the cost of using a “free” service.

It probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much if ezboard hadn’t forced me into Yuku at approximately the same time. Yuku isn’t bad if you don’t mind that I can’t get my signature to work right because it doesn’t like the code that someone made for me to create drop down boxes. But other than that, it’s fine.

Another first for me….

I had a Pepperment Hot Chocolate with Skim milk from Starbucks this morning.

We had a vendor who was buying and insisted that there had to be something at Starbucks that he could buy for me. I have never ordered anything from Starbucks although I have been to one in Las Vegas with friends. As for the drink I got, lets just say that I’ve better hot chocolate from the small independent shop by my son’s trumpet teacher. And it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to the cocoa my DH makes.
My admin asst says I should have gone for a caramel steamer – whatever that is.

So, tell me what your first trip to Starbucks was like or tell me about your best trip to Starbucks. Or who is better than Starbucks in your opinion.

Some Philosophical questions from Org. Behav. class.

1.What systems do you allow to trap your thinking?

2. Is it really a trap if it’s something that you believe and agree with? If it’s something that is false that you believe and have agreed with is it a trap, is it not a trap if it is true?

3. What does it take to change the assumption of the culture that you believe?
What happens to your paradigm when you run into personal events that clash with your cultural beliefs?

4. Can cultural beliefs be changed?

5. If your actions are counter to your beliefs, are they really your beliefs?