Twitter interferes with my blogging

I haven’t blogged in awhile. So I started an introspective as too why and I’ve concluded it’s Twitter. In the past, I would come across an idea and it would ruminate and engender a blog entry. Since joining Twitter when an interesting thought passes my mind, I drop it in 140 characters or less and having performed the brain dump, I don’t think about it again – Thus I have less blog fodder.

So for those of you not on my Twitter feed here are some of the ideas which didn’t become blogs…

  • The concept of beauty presupposes ugly. Labels are defined by opposites. How would the world be if we viewed all as equal?
  • At a bridal shower for my cousin’s fiancee’ man I’m feeling old! The bride is only 3 years older than my daughter
  • @briancarter yet 100 years from now the DNA we give a child may still be effecting the earth in response to In 100 years, most of us will be forgotten.
  • Is the weekend an opportunity to do what you really love or an interruption from doing what you love?
  • Several things on my middle child – – Lunch today fried rice my son made, cut raw veggies, edamame, & fresh strawberries for dessert. Who leaves their prom & spends the ride home discussing summer internship options – nanotech vs. Computer science is the debate. An hour to go until we pick the boy up from his first prom. He looks sharp in a tux. My 16 year old son is frantically cleaning the kitchen after getting a text? I wonder what her name is. (Girls are having an effect on him).
  • No one signed up to take my class at the community school. I’m so relieved to have the next 4 tues free I had underpriced the course
  • Susan Boyle = female Paul Potts? Same shocked look on Simon’s face for both
  • The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink. – old proverb
  • NPR All Things Considered will be doing a story on the increase of bedbugs in America — eewwww
  • Off to see Wicked sleeping out on the street in Dec to get tickets seems worth it now!
  • Last year kids said they were too old for stuffed bunnies & baskets today they’re mad cuz Easter Bunny did not poop candy around the house.
  • lack of resources does not keep us from reaching our goals as much as a lack of drive and emotional commitment does

And that’s just the last 2 weeks.

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