Sometimes Life Administers a Much needed Enema…

Ever feel that life is getting cluttered and at some point soon you’ll need to sit down and clear up the “D-priority to do” pile? I’ll admit that I’ve been neglecting all the icons building up on my desktop. They cover the focus picture on my background. Mind you the focus picture is a project that was completed several months ago and I just haven’t updated it either. Frankly lots of things haven’t been updated recently. I’ve been focused elsewhere and I’m realizing that focus has been diluted by excess baggage. Basically, I’ve had mental constipation going on in my life.

A month or so ago, a speaker told our group that every so often he performed a brain dump so that he could move on to the next project. I’ve been mulling over the idea and thinking about how I would do a brain-dump – – Well, the universe may have assisted in cleaning out my system. I was trying to do something in Firefox that I had never done before and it didn’t work. So I suggested that the system “undo” it. Well, not only did it take off the new files it installed, it removed everything on my desktop except for the program icons. For about 24 hours I panicked and then I realized that only 2 files were critical – and both had been emailed in the last 6 months so I had copies of them.

So my system has been flushed and all the waste eliminated. It feels great. I’m glad it happened now and I’ve learned, don’t leave files on the desktop – move them to My Documents and back that up.

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