Wow that time flew by!

My goal this year was to keep up with participating in WIPocalypse and Stitch from Stash.  I haven’t posted since August.
However I have been stitching.  I finished Fire and Ice.


And I let the kids pick out what I should work on next.  They gave me logical reasons to work on a quilt or a needlepoint piece.  We ended up selecting Memories of Tidepools by Ro Pace and I’ve done quite a bit on it this month.


The way the pattern works as soon as I finish this corner, I am to rotate the canvas so I have a new blank corner to work on. If I made more stitching time by eliminating playing on the computer, then I could finish this by the end of the year.
And that is the stitching update.  Personally, I have picked up a case of the winter blues.  I really don’t want to decorate for Christmas. I really don’t care to even think about Christmas shopping. It’s a good thing the kids gave me links to what they want and I can do it all online. Anyone want to do the wrapping for me?

Combined monthly entry – WIPocalypse and Stitch from Stash

Just so you know, I’m combining the posts for the two stitching related groups I belong to this month.  The topic for WIPocalypse is tell us about your oldest and newest WIPs.  My oldest WIP by date it was started is the purse I inherited from my grandmother’s house.  I finished the front piece of the purse and I was working on the side strip when I got bored.  I also found a great monogram to put an M on the back since we share that initial.  The oldest piece I have that I started is one of two Dimensions kits you can see at the top the list on the Stitch from Stash page shown at the top of the blog here.

The newest WIP I have is La-D-Da’s The Raven which I started so I could have a travel piece.  It’s a piece that my middle son asked me to do for him.  He’ll be home from the Philippines in November.  So this is as far as I’ve done on it.  wpid-20140823_202835.jpg

It’s part of three La-D-Da pieces I want to do for the kids.  The second is Something Wicked this Way Comes and the third is Toil and Trouble.  It’s hard to tell from the little that I’ve stitched that it’s the last word and the raven’s head.  I’m using a piece of hand dyed oops fabric from Picture this Plus that Marilyn gave me from their reject pile.  I’m stitching it with Fibers to Dye for silk threads which is all from my stash.  That leads me into the next blog entry that is needed for this month.  Stitch from Stash.

This month we got a free $25 to spend above the monthly budget of $25.  With that in mind and in order to support Laurel’s Stitchery’s move to Rainbow Stitchery I bought the 4 Nora Corbett witches which I’ve wanted.  If you remember, last month, I bought the fabric to do them with.  The total cost for the 4 patterns and the embellishment pack for Gigi came to 40.25.  The odd part is that it was originally charged to my credit card and then credited back.   So I have all four ladies in hand and nothing charged on my card.  I’ve emailed Laurel to make sure she got paid.

In the meantime, I’ve been going like gangbusters on Fire and Ice.  Here’s a progress picture from tonight.


I’m only putting in 1-3 threads a night but it’s amazing the progress I see every day.  I’m sure that as I enter some of the more densely packed parts that progress feeling will flee.  However, I’m almost out of Anchor 897 so I needed to go pick up a new skein.  I’ve also been itching for a new start so I kitted up Goblin Market from Counted Illuminations and I was short a few threads.  While I was at Craft Center picking those up, I found that they had Toil and Trouble – the third La-D-Da piece in stock.  I’ve had it on my list for 2 years now and the shop requires a minimum of $10 if you want to use a debit card so I grabbed the pattern too.  The total for thread and the pattern was $11.54.  So my total for the month is 40.25 + 11.54 – $25 = 26.79  which is a little over budget but I’ve been under some months so I should still be good.

I’ll try to drop in more next month.

Wednesday Wip progess

Huge amount of progress this week


Had friends over to stitch on Saturday and haven’t wanted to stop working on it since they left.

Stitch from Stash – July

I was a bad girl this month.  I started off by running out and grabbing the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch only to find nothing in it of interest. So there went 9.99 down the drain.  Then I couldn’t find my graphite paper to work on my Tolkien quilt so there went 2.99. And then came Picture This Plus Christmas in July… and I have been aching to do Sabrina and Elizabeth from Mirabilia on the same fabric so I got a half yard of Twilight and I used Thutmosis fabric viewer to pick out Echo for Luna, Gigi, Emi and Ana. Doesn’t matter that I don’t have the patterns yet. I bought the fabric at the Christmas in July Sale. So put me down for 96.75 when it would have been 129 at the regular price.
Oh and I did do some stitching in July. Mainly on Fire and Ice.


Amazing what a few hundred stitches will do.

WIPocalypse report for July – Do you plan for Christmas in July?

I don’t have much in the way of progress to show this month.   I worked FantasyCon, had my high school reunion, hosted our annual Dutch Oven pot luck dinner.  This didn’t leave much time for hobby work.  I started the Tolkien quilt from my stash but I haven’t worked on much else hobby-wise.

You can see the work here.

So on to the question: Do you plan for Christmas in July?

Not really.  July is when I start hankering for Halloween designs.  I used to use July for Christmas ornaments but I don’t stitch for gifts anymore.  Too many people don’t appreciate the work that goes into stitching.  I only stitch for people who do hand work and understand the amount of time and money that go into such a gift.  I don’t ever want to be in a situation again where someone calls a gift that I’ve put 40 hours and $80 into – “that kitschy stuff she gives us.”

So no, I don’t do Christmas in July although I do like the Christmas in July sales. Picture this Plus is having their annual sale this week.  I keep eying the witches from Nora Corbett and this would be the perfect way to get matching fabric for the 4 that have been released.

FantasyCon fitness report

Charity night where we had an assembly line for stuffing VIP bags and stuffing VIP, Vendor and Press cards into lanyards.


First day of having guests in the hall.  Working with the incredible Tinsel Korey. One panel, autographs and a photo op.


Fourth of July, incredible panel on Tinsel’s life and career, scheduled photo op, and I tried to drive traffic to our booth.


The day we were expecting to be busy.  I got my Doctor Who quilt signed by Sylvester McCoy, went to the photo op booth with Tinsel, shilled for any sales we could get for all the celebrities on our row, had an incredible panel on the power of women in entertainment, shook Sean Astin’s hand, saw Mark Sheppard arrive, found out that Jed Brophy will not sign body parts (asked him what the strangest thing he had been asked to autograph), was told to stop apologizing for things I had no control or responsibility for, and ended the day with dinner at the Pie.


Oddly, I moved more than at ComicCon but felt like I accomplished less. Looking forward to September.

Stitch from Stash June report

I spent nothing this month.  Zip, zero, nothing, nada.
I have a contract which paid late, graduation for my son, a daughter who needed to borrow money between jobs, an unexpected car expense, my husband thought he broke his foot, so even with the bonus funds in the challenge – I had nothing to spend.  But that didn’t stop me from starting a new project. 


Here are the first 6 blocks for my Tolkien quilt.  And it’s all made from fabrics taken from my scrap bin or my fat quarter stash. I have 5 more blocks to finish and I want to have it pieced by FantasyCon on Wednesday.  It’s paper pieced and appliqué.
I’m hoping things improve by the annual sale at Picture This Plus.  But if not, I have enough fabric to last for some time.

June Wipocalypse – Retreats and Get – Togethers

Have you ever been to a stitch gathering such as a retreat or a festival? If so, tell us about it!

I was one of the organizers for the WWTWBBGTG – World Wide Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board Get-Together in Vegas.  Teresa came and those of us there had a great time.

I’ve been to CATS in Nashville and Vegas and spent more on stash than I care to remember and on pieces that I really didn’t love when I got home.  It was the thrill of the chase, the pressure of everyone else loving the piece.  I have finished a few of the pieces I bought at both conventions.

The day of the EGA regional meeting in SLC, I found out that Cindy Valentine would be in town teaching.  She had worked on my Victoria Sampler Round Robin and I wanted to see her again.  I ended up rooming with Donnett of and during the free stitch, I sat with Monica Ferris who was the guest speaker.  And I solved the mystery and won the grand prize.

The last retreat I went to was a quilting retreat in November of  2011 with Pamela from French Knots.  It was her first retreat and that weekend has become QuiltBliss.  Tickets for QuiltBliss go on sale July 28 and it’s very tempting to go but it’s so over my spending limit (and the prices haven’t even been announced for this year.)

We do have an EGA retreat for the Sego Lily Chapter coming up in October.

Last month someone complained that there were no stitching pictures… so you get Fire and Icewpid-20140615_234257.jpg

I’ve finish page 6 and I’m now working on page 5.  I’m still in love with it so I’ll keep going on it.  The kids want me to finish it and send it off to Jill Rensel.


May Stitch from Stash Post

I didn’t post much this month but I didn’t feel like I stitched a lot either.  And despite the new Nora Corbett pixies coming out, all I bought this month was fiber I needed.  The puppies played with the ball of Perle cotton I bought and that gave me the excuse to go buy the Subtlety for the Star Trek quilt.  I didn’t go pick it up until I ran out of floss for the side piece of the antique purse.

wpid-20140528_212306.jpgThis is where I am on the side piece.  It doesn’t look like I’ve done much and there is so much more to do on that side.  This is now my travel piece but I’ve switched to a smaller purse which means I’ve been carrying paperbacks instead of stitching projects.  But I have a great new purse on the way from Think Geek – This is my Handbag of Holding…and it’s on sale right now…

So I did figure out why I haven’t worked much on the Fruit BellPull.  With the puppies, I have to put everything away immediately after I put my stitching down or they play with it.  Setting up to stitch a blended thread project is a pain so I’ve decided to leave it set up in an area where the puppies cannot get, or we believe they cannot get to.  I’ve actually got more work done on it since I’ve done that…

wpid-20140528_212141.jpgWell since Fruit Bell Pull moved, I needed something to work on in the TV room.  The next item up on the rotation was Fire and Ice, so I’ve been working on it but again, I’ve been spending more time on Android games instead of stitching.  I did do a few stitches though…

wpid-20140528_212113.jpgSo that is the report for this month…Except I almost forgot – total spending this month 2 cards of Subtlety and 7 skeins of floss comes to a total of 10.69 USD including sales tax.

Wipocalypse Check in for May

What designs do you wish you could find?  Actually there isn’t anything really missing in my stash.  I have a few items on my wish list but I can’t think of anything that is burning in my head screaming “Why can’t you find me?” Okay maybe a beagle picture I can customize but I’m sure I could find one if I actually hit Google.

If I’m 100% honest with myself there haven’t been any designs in several years that I had to run out and buy except Persephone and Cassiopeia from Mirabilia and Christmas Quilt from Emie Bishop.
At this point in my stitching experience if I really wanted a design I couldn’t find, I would create it.

So what did I work on this month?

Well, I went up quite a few levels in Candy Crush Dreamworld, still stuck on Candy Crush level 500,  lots of levels  in Pet Rescue, and 4 scenarios in Gems Journey.  I ran out of black floss for my needlepoint purse.  And I did get work done on my TW Fruit Bellpull although it doesn’t look like much.   As the weather warms up, I may put a quilt up on a frame outside. Then I may have something finished to show off next month.


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