I didn’t stitch much this month, but I did get a lot done….

Business first:

Spent: $0  Earned: $0

I didn’t stitch much this month.  Life got in the way.  I had two kids move out of the house one of which was a permanent move and one was off to college and so he’ll be back.  Anyway with the one leaving for good, the younger son decided to move out of his room and I got his room for my new craft room.  Which meant I did over 20,000 steps moving everything from the main floor, up the stairs to my new room.   I have 12 square feet more and a 2nd closet.  Here are pictures at the end of the first night before everything was moved in.

20150818_215610 20150818_215627 20150818_215658 20150818_215719

I’ve unpacked more since these pictures were taken.  I don’t want to take final pictures yet though because I don’t have pictures hung yet.

Oh and to add to the reason I’m not stitching… after the move, I had a lot of hand pain. So I went to a hand surgeon who told me I was getting old so now I’m looking for someone else to give me a 2nd opinion and might actually take an x-ray.

First check in for the second half of the year – Stitch from Stash

And we are now in part B of this year’s Stitch from Stash experience.  Business first – Spend $20.44 Earned $6.00 Total $14.44

The items I bought were beads and wisper for Raven Queen and the JCS Halloween issue.

The earn is for finishing the Lauren Sauer Basket of Roses Scissor Fob

Lauren Sauer fob

I found the monogram in a book I had in my stash.  It does look better from a distance than up close.  The current rotation slot is Summer Carousel Horse by Theresa Wentzler.  I’ve finished the first page of the working copy and I’m working on the 2nd page.  I would like to finish about 1/2 of this page during this rotation slot.


I need to put the electronics down and stitch more.

Stitch from Stash report

Wow! It’s already past the 20th of the month and time to report on my spending and stitching for the month. I spent the first half of the month sick with the flu but before I got sick, I bought 3 skeins of DMC and a spool of Krenik.

Spent: $2.58
Earned: $0

This year, stash money can be earned from the budget by finishing projects. I don’t have any finishes yet but I’m getting close to finishing Wendy’s TWRR. I started this about a week ago and hope to finish it by the end of the month. Here’s the progress so far.


Time to report on the Stitch from Stash

So this month I was really good because I knew that I have a group stash enhancement experience (yea, Group S.E.X) coming up in March with some friends, we’re driving up to Shepherd’s Bush and Needlepoint Joint. I wanted to have more than $25 to spend there so I have been saving up. However, we got the announcement that we had a weekend to spend $100 because of Nashville Market. I decided to put together my list of beads and get some beading thread but I couldn’t find the beads I wanted but I did find the beading thread. So with a weekend to spend $100 – I spent a grand total of $2.12 including tax for a spool of clear thread.
As for the entire month, I couldn’t find the final button for my Circus Carousel which is almost done so I went in to replace it. While I was there I realized that the elephant button was facing the wrong direction (after all, the animals on a carousel should all face the same direction so the shop owner let me trade the Mill Hill Debbie Mumm elephant for a no name (but cuter) elephant button facing the correct direction. So my total for the month is $2.50 for a tiger button. As for the Circus Carousel, I’m hoping to have it finished in time for the Wednesday WIP report but if not, I’m sure I’ll be done by the end of the month.

The January stitching budget report

So here is my report for the Stitch from Stash contest.

Earlier this month, I did hit the JoAnn’s floss sale and bought the floss for my Winter and Summer Queens.  I loved the sale price and then having a 10% off coupon on top brought it down to .27 a skein which used to be the sale price for Anchor floss or equal to 2 cents more than the standard DMC price when I first started buying my own floss. But I just got all the floss for my two queens for under $14.  I seriously looked at buying a new scroll rod set so I could start them immediately but then I realized it would put me over the $25 for the month and I have so many pieces I could work on before I need to have a new start.  Besides, if I finish my Autumn Queen then I could just use that scroll frame for the new queen. And the more I think about her, the more she starts screaming at me, so guess who just dropped into the screaming slot in my rotation?

So what did I do with my remaining budget money? Well, I’m a volunteer for the Salt Lake ComicCon FanXperience and I was asked to come in for the George Takei event. I’ve been thinking about what I could do with signatures from most of the Star Trek NextGen cast who will be coming in April …

Well, I in the fall, I had Simon Fisher-Becker Sign the Tardis block for my Dr. Who Quilt so, why not a Star Trek Quilt? So I bought 4 fat quarters of a fun fabric which cost $2 more than if I had bought a yard of it but the bolt was gone and all they had was the fat quarters. It’s a good thing we can round down. Since my total for the month is $25.14 – which rounds down to $25.00
Oh, and here is my first signature for the quilt.

George Takei Signature

As for what I did from Stash this month?
I worked on the oldest WIP in my possession. You can read the history of this purse from my Grandmother’s sewing room here. It’s not 100% finished but the front canvas is done.

Front Piece of Petit Point Purse

Carol offered to mail me a piece of 14 count canvas so I can do the back in basketweave. That just leaves me the side piece and so I don’t run out of thread, I’m going to use Black DMC from my stash. So if this were your project, would you do a plain black basketweave back or graph out a matching pattern and use 8 strands of DMC to replicate the 8 strands of cotton floss used on the front?
DH suggested doing a gold/brown fleur-de-lis but I’m thinking something along the lines of just the brown/gold pattern on the front of the purse… suggestions are welcome.

I also finished 4 of the ornaments on my Fuppy list and you can read that report here. and I framed my Celtic Steps 40 ct linen gauze. So all in all a productive month.  I’m currently working on my TW Fruit Bell Pull and piecing my Dr. Who quilt.  The Olympics are coming up and I plan to do quite a bit of stitching while watching them.

And the best part my total projects is under 60 for the first time since 2003. WIPs – 33
FUPpies – 25 (of which I can do 10 myself) It’s a good thing finishing doesn’t count toward the stash budget.