Wednesday WIP report – end of the month…

And here is a full finish, not only is the stitching is done I’ve framed it too.

Circus Carousel by Threaded Treasures

Circus Carousel by Threaded Treasures

This was a kit someone gave me and I held onto it for quite sometime. Then when I was doing some cleaning, I noticed some bug had left me a present on the fabric. I washed it and started the kit hating every moment of it because the fabric was cut so that I had to work with the weft on the vertical instead of on the horizontal. There is a reason that they tell you to stitch with the selvage on the side.
Anyway I got close to the end and realized that the kit only came with 2 buttons for the carousel animals instead of three and to add insult to injury the two buttons the kit did have faced different directions. Any Carousel fan knows that all the animals face the same direction. If they didn’t people would be riding backward. So I went to the Craft Center to get a replacement for the one that I didn’t have and they had an elephant which was facing the direction I needed. The shop owner was nice enough to trade the button from the kit for the one which was facing the correct direction.
This now means that I have no small projects going at all. Everything is medium or large.

August WIPocalypse progress

Looking at my original list, I should be showing the progress I made on Spring Carousel Horse.  And the answer to that would be none!  I did get it out of the sewing room and up on the stand though.  I have,  however, been working on stitching things.  I finished Winter and he’s now at the framers so he’ll be ready to compete in the State Fair.  He got his own blog post.  I also finished Black Swan’s Fire and Ice.
I started this  back in December 2010 when I was in the mood for something small and had money to buy silk.  It’s stitched in silk and metallics.

I also avoided a mis-step.  After finishing F&I I was in the mood for a new start since I was still horsed out and not ready to work on Spring so I kitted up La-D-Da’s The Raven but before I could start it, the kids reminded me that this is the WIPocalypse and I should be working on completing things not starting new things.  The goal was to pare the list down and it’s been good to see things move from the stitching category to the finishing or framing category.  This has not made the list go from 69 projects to any smaller number though.  I do have a great arrangement with my framer.  I send him pieces and a monthly amount.  He tells me when my hostages have been ransomed.  I have 5 pieces there and Winter is paid for and my next payment should also free another.  I got Red Thread Sampler back from him this year.  It’s an odd size so it was expensive ($253) – I don’t think I’ve posted it before.

Here is the full framed piece. Here is the detail of the corner cuts  – and finally a close up of the center cut design, A needle

And a bow to help tie together the French lines and mimic the Red Thread.

I can’t wait to see what he does with Winter Carousel Horse – he’s doing the frame in a manner so I can pop out the piece and the mat in order to put a different season in the same frame.  It’s the same way businesses do their advertising frames.

So enough tangent, back to the original topic –

In order to cure my desire for a start, I worked on a piece for an exchange I joined.  The mailing date is next week so after the recipient gets it, I’ll post pictures.   So all in all a productive month.

See you again at the next full moon.